4G LTE CellSpot v2 not connecting

  • 30 July 2020
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T-Mobile CellSpot v2 received yesterday.

  • When first connected: Power blinking green, Internet solid green, Status blinking orange
  • After couple hours the CellSpot rebooted itself and changed to: Power blinking green, Internet blinking orange

UDP ports 123, 500 and 4500 verified open through Test-NetConnection command, but additionally:

  • Forwarded these ports to CellSpot, rebooted CellSpot, no change in behavior
  • Placed CellSpot in DMZ, rebooted CellSpot, no change in behavior

Disconnected everything else from the router, rebooted the router and connected the CellSpot to the router as the only Ethernet device, powered up, again no change in behavior

Factory reset the CellSpot, the whole process repeated itself from “When first connected”

I am at loss here. Is it possible that the CellSpot they send me is not authorized on T-Mobile core network? Is there a way to get to the Tech Support knowledgeable enoght to check that without waiting an hor on the phone and being transferred 3 times from agent to agent?


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