4G LTE signal disappeared

We have had excellent 4G LTE coverage in our home for over a year. Starting about a month ago all of our devices are getting 1 or 0 bars. Outside we get 2 bars. Seem like the tower nearest our house is turned off? This is in 48450.

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Hey there!

That's no good. Are you experiencing a change anywhere else, or primarily just in this area? Have you had a chance to reach out to tech support to have them file a ticket for the area?


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Has this been resolved for you? Please let us know if you need more help with this. Thank you.

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Hi there! Just wanted to check back in once more and see if you'd had a chance to reach back out to the Tech team and see if there were any engineering responses to the ticket, or if they had any updates about the tower near your home!

The manager at our local tmobile store said he thought the tower nearest our house was being upgraded. I switched routers and was able to get wifi calling working on our devices so the issue is not as urgent now. Thanks to all that responded.

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Ah, gotcha! Well I wish we'd been a little more certain -- I don't want to ask for your address in this public forum, but do you mind letting us know your ZIP and a nearby cross street or nearby landmark? We're happy to take a look at the internal map and see if there's any info about the tower's status -- sometimes there are estimated completion dates!
I'm very glad that the router switch worked -- WiFi calling is helpful no matter how great your coverage is, but still, we'd love to give you all of the info we can. 😊

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Hi, @enochsghost​! If you're satisfied, we don't wanna bug you -- but I wanted to check one more time and make sure you didn't want us to take a peek at that area and see if we could snag an estimated completion date for work on the tower. 😊 Just let me know!

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Hey, @enochsghost​!

We're happy to read that your WiFi calling is back in action, but we know once you leave the area with WiFi you'll need to connect to our network. If you'd like for us to take a look at the tower closest to you, please provide us with your zip code and cross streets or a landmark, as Marissa mentioned above.