5G internet setup issue

  • 14 December 2021
  • 3 replies


I just setup my 5G internet, but I can’t access the internet. Does the device need to be activated? The T-mobile internet app says my device is connected to the internet, but I can’t load any pages through it. 

3 replies

Does T-Mobile not check and provide responses to people’s problems on here?!??

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Nope.  You should either use the T-Mobile app, or social media app (Twitter), or dial 611.

This is mostly a consumer forum.  You ‘might’ get recommendations from some volunteers or in a rare occurrance, T-Mobile reps.

Hopefully you selected the ‘New’ name you called your WiFi signal. Enter the password and you should be connected. If still not connected, unplug unit or press the reset button in so it stays out, wait 10 sec, then press reset button again so it stays in. Takes about 2 minutes to boot up. Good luck.