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Will upgrading to a 5G phone improve my cell reception? I have been sadly disappointed with my T-Mobile service. I am willing to try some other options before I consider switching carriers.

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Everything depends on location of the closest 5G tower near you. 


Also 5G is also kind of trash right now.  Not sure what Tmobile is doing but i’d check with others in your area


Thank you, so far, not encouraging news from fellow customers in my area. I am hopeful for improvement, but I may have to switch carriers if it does not improve soon. I love their customer service and my monthly billing cost but if the phones do not work well, what’s the point?


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In theory, 5G has slightly better range than LTE. In practice, I don’t think it will make much difference. If you’re in a very congested market (e.g. NYC) you’ll want the best phone you can afford.


Thank you, Doc! I appreciate the response!

Between the 3 carriers in some informal tests T-mobile came last 9 times out of 10. With 4G/LTE they came in last all the time in given even cell signal areas. In my area I'm in a heavily saturated 5GUC and LTE area according to their coverage maps (yes I know, you can't go by that it's for marketing purposes only) and if I can get more than 1.0 mbps dl speeds I'm having a good day. Tech support has no idea why I'm having these issues especially when I get solid 4 bars on my 2 - 5G/UC devices and 4 bars of LTE on my 1 - 4G device. It's very disappointing to say the least. 

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Upgrading to a 5g phone my help for coverage depending on what device you are coming from.  if you're coming from an older phone that has no B71 LTE, (or B12), then yes..  coverage will increase.  if you're in a rural area, B71 and 5g n71 should make a big difference.