5G LTE very slow

  • 1 December 2021
  • 2 replies


I just got a new Samsung Z Flip3 5G from Tmobile. I tested out the network speed using speedtest app. The result shows less than 1 Mbps download/upload speed. I got the same result  at home, in store, and at work. I am in Austin TX.

The 5G shows 4 bar of signals. I also tried to turn off 5G and using 4G/LTE. It shows full bar of signal. But the speedtest still shows < 1 Mbps

Does anyone have the same issue?


2 replies

I signed up with T-Mobile last week and the data speeds have been awful. As in 31 Kilobyes...not mega. I have half signal or more but often I get "no network" pop-ups when using apps. 

Very disappointed…