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  • 22 November 2021
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I’ve had my Samsung Galaxy S20 for about a year, and at first the internet worked well, but since June of this year the connection has been extremely unreliable. Pages will frequently fail to load (time out) and the phone will struggle to maintain a connection, even though the phone shows consistent 5G connection.


I live and work in the same small area (not far north of Dallas, TX). This area is well-developed with network service, and I’m not trying to connect from the wilderness of Alaska or anything. It is not app-specific, because all internet-related functions on my phone are affected, and I don’t think it is my error, because it still had connectivity issues after I factory-reset the phone. It is probably not a problem with the device because when I travel to nearby areas, my connectivity is fine. Switching to LTE/3G/2G seems to have no effect. And the problem exists whether I’m inside at my workplace, or standing outside. 

Is this a network issue, and if so, what can be done about it?


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I was having the same problem and I was getting so frustrated. After being on the phone for 2 hours we finally found out one of the new towers by my house had an outage to another tower was getting all of these signals was either cancelling them or lagging. if you go to “settings” click “connections” and look for “Mobile networks” once there look for “Network mode” and select your network. If 5G isn’t working go to the next one. I was on the other network for 2 months and it worked fine. I just switched back after this last update so I’m not sure if it’ll pause out gain, but it helped me and I haven’t had a problem since.

I am having same problem from more than a week now. The technicians just keep asking me to reset my phone or change sim/ restart etc They have no clue. 

Someone said today to send my phone back. I am in california in a bay area and its a fairly crowded city. 

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I can't speak for other areas/devices, but if you have a 5g SIM (R15), have rebooted (rarely needed) and tried 4g/3g/2g with no luck, bring it to a TMobile store.  I have had performance issues with n71 (extended range) in urban areas, and typically disable it.