5G on Band 2 ?? help

  • 16 April 2021
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Galaxy A51 5g, I am getting a 5G icon almost all the time, even on Band 2  I thought this was only on Band N71?  Is the phone incorrectly stating 5G,   Possibly tmobile is  just marketing like Verizon and AT&T are doing? Or am I missing a setting that I need to adjust I paid alot for this 5G device to only be getting crappy speeds 4g was way faster then this is 


5 replies


It’s on n41 as well in some areas.  However, you are probably in NSA mode and Band 2 is acting as an available anchor.

Mine shows the 5G a lot as well, but seldom actually uses it.  However, I can tell on other apps when it is using it, like CellMapper and SCP (Signal Check Pro) on Android.

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5G for T-Mobile can be on N2, N41, N66, and N71 from my experiences traveling around.  Cell Mapper gives more accurate info though but there is plenty of N25G in Hampton Roads. 




Its unfortunate maybe I should have done more research regarding 5G i was under the impression that 5G would drastically increase my download and upload speeds just like 4G did coming from 3G I kinda depend on faster upload speeds for business matters unfortunately I've not seen faster speeds since switching to tmobile 


I compare it to buying a 4k TV and expecting it to be better than HDTV.  Yes, it can and should be, but there are so many other factors.

And as I noted above, you may not even be using 5G/NR (even NSA) on the above test.

Since you are on Android, try some apps that actuallysupport NR, such as CellMapper and SignalCheckPro.  Network Cell Info is out of date and I barely ever used LTE Discovery and not recently.