5G Super fast download no upload

  • 19 May 2022
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My Tmobile 5G is practically unusable due to the fact that i have practically 0 mbps upload speed.

My latest speed checks were giving me 450+ Mbps download and .19 Mbps upload for 5G. When I turned off 5G my download was 108 Mbps and 8 upload which actually performs much better. What is up with 5G? I know upload speed are not nearly as critical as download but you have to have at least some upload? .19 Mbps? This makes it unusable and I question the value.

1 reply

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Most likely due to ‘weak’ 5G upload.  If you’re 5G UC, then n41 is typically 70% DL (TDD), and being a high(er) frequency, your phone won’t upload nearly as well to it as a low band.  If you’re in a place like SoCal, and 5G UC is giving only 450Mbps, then you’re in a weak 5G UC area, and upload will suffer more than download. 

Eg.  Outdoors I’m at the threshold of 5G UC, getting LTE ~160Mbps or 5G UC ~400Mbps.  Upload on LTE ~15-50Mbps (depending on which channel is in use - B2/B4/B12), while 5G UC will typically suffer on upload. 

In a ‘strong’ area, I’ll hit 1200-1800Mbps on download, and 115-140Mbps on upload.  LTE/5G aggregation is still in its ugly days.