5G with 3 bars and service is bad

  • 3 June 2022
  • 2 replies


We’re visiting Pigeon Forge. Our phones say 5G and most of the time we have 3 bars yet the data rarely works. Is there something in settings that can be updated for our current location to make the data work better? iPhone 13Pro

2 replies

Hey there,

Tech guy here. Not completely an expert anymore but I used to manage a cell phone store with tech support. 

I was just here in Pigeon Forge for the Fourth of July and can confirm service was terrible on an iPhone 12 Pro Max. That part isn’t really important but your issue was the same as mine. 

I don’t know if my solution will be the fix next time you have an issue but go to your settings, find roaming, turn it off and on or vise versa, than turn airplane mode on and off. This weirdly worked for me but not when I just was trying the airplane mode trick. Good luck in the future and maybe this will help someone else in the future!


you might have to rinse and repeat. 

Most anywhere my phone has 3 Bars or less the service doesn't work or is very sloooowww.  5G and 5GUC is slower than 4GLTE in this case, when they even work at all.


I have the Galaxy S22 Ultra...