• 7 October 2022
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I am to my wits end with this 5GUC crap. My phone simply doesn’t work when on it and hasn’t since their rollout. With the amount of complaints, why is T-Mobile ignoring this issue? I keep my phone on LTE just so I can use data when not on WiFi because of this. This is completely unacceptable. Why won’t T-Mobile address the serious issue? 

5 replies

I know since my cellphone Samsung S22Ultra began to show 5G UC.. data does not work there is not connection to internet or any apps work... the most poor service i never got before.   I Guess  “””UC””” means Unlimited Cut off service. so disappointed with suppose the fastest communication network. .

if they do not resolve the problem ..sorry but i will leave to another cellphone provider..

T-Mobile at this time your services are SUCKS.

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I suspect that much of the UC is software.  I often have 5G UC on my device, even though 5G N41 (SA or NSA) cannot reach indoors, and often not outdoors either.

The other part, which is more interesting is the ‘Not Connected to Internet’ message from many apps.

I suspect that T-Mobile is using NAT GW (possibly double NAT) which doesn’t seem to handle wireless all that great, or it, along with Samsung/Qualcomm/T-Mobile are attempting to be more ‘Apple’ like in data usage, immediately severing data sessions when not running with established connections.

Many apps won’t work with it.  Sadly, a quick flip to/from airplane mode fixes these … but they shouldn’t be occurring in the first place.

I would like to throw my complaint in here as well.  Ever since the 5GUC started showing up in my status bar, I cannot get reliable service (even with full bars in Manhattan, and a very clear view to the east).  People are getting my voicemail the majority of the time, and my phone sticks on “Calling...” without ever going anywhere, no ringing sound, etc.

Data has been very unreliable as well.

I am wondering if this has something to do with authorizing the sim card.  I regularly see an icon with an x over a sim card as it is disconnecting and reconnecting.  Restarting the phone or using the “Fix Connectivity” button temporarily resolves it, but it will act up again within minutes.

Same issues here. Can’t get calls, can’t get on the internet, apps won’t work right. 

Anytime my phone switches to 5G UC the data connection slows down to a crawl. I'll barely get 10 MB download speed. When it flips to a standard 5G I'll get a 300 MB download speed. What a joke. If UC is supposed to be better then how come these losers can't get this right. Time to switch services