600 MHz band, and general service issues market wide?

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Thank you for being so active and keeping us posted. Honestly though HSPA+(4g) should not be giving you troubles with calls though. That is pretty odd to me since a phone call isn't that intensive or demanding. Sounds like your market is really struggling. I still wish you the best and believe you are doing everything you can to improve the situation.

The 4G issue is just not in my market. Ever since T-Mobile switched over from 4G to 4G LTE it happens everywhere I've been in the country. This has happened to me every single time 4G kicked in in my market, the San Francisco and Oakland Market in California, the Aptos California Market, New York City Market, Nashville Tennessee and 30 minutes outside of Nashville Tennessee Market, Jacksonville Florida Market, in Washington DC. Which this has been happening since day one of LTE being fully deployed on the network. I mean I've traveled other places, but not all the time did it switch over to 4G. I mean some trips it didn't do it at all.

But for you to say there's a lot of struggle with my market, it's kind of a head scratcher or unbelievable in other words because I'm in one of the top three markets for T-Mobile, according to T-Mobile. I'm in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale /West Palm Beach Market. Plus my home is .9 miles away from the second biggest mall land size in the country. So for me to have this type of service in my area for the home for example out of all the areas in my market that's giving me a problem, that's insane. Plus they just opened in December of last year a whole new 3 story wing to the mall, and they're also removing the Sears department store because it's going bankrupt. They're replacing it with an outside shopping area with a bunch of very high end restaurants and even some of the very first locations in the United States of those restaurants. Which is going to be at least minimum of 40,000 square feet they were saying what I read. So imagine this in relations to the cell service that's already horrible. Then you factor in that this mall is off a major street that can actually go from Miami all the way across the border into Canada. It used to be the Old Highway before Interstate 95 exist, one of those regular road street highways. Then one block west from that street, is another semi major street, switch my gated complex is located off of.

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Well that is unfortunate, in my experience it has been a good backup option and has worked well in the Pittsburgh market and State College. The only one that is truly horrible is 2g for me.

I mean it's to the point that I'm getting edge "E" internet quite often, which started on my S8 and now carrying over to my S9+. Which this didn't start occurring until January all over my market. I mean this even happens when I'm completely outdoors, or driving in my vehicle.

I mean I don't even get service like I told you before at a major Plaza that's basically very close to a major highway. The plaza has a Best Buy, Home Depot, Chick-fil-A, Miller's Ale House, Twin Peaks Sports Bar and Grill. Or anywhere in that Plaza even outside I'm not even able to make a simple phone call. Which mind you less than 3 miles away it's also situated near a college campus as well. And there's many many many different things around there, even different plazas, even a different mall than the one I speak of. Which again this is even off a major busy street as well. But the same thing is happening. I'm getting one bar over there and can't do anything. This is been happening for years. Which this area I speak of is about 15 miles away from my home area. On top of all those other places I have issues with, that are like 20 miles, or 42 miles away(which even local engineers have acknowledged issues for that whole 42 mile stetch), which we've discussed before in different replies above.

I mean honestly this is just beyond ridiculous.

Also mind you when I first started writing the replies today, I was getting 3-4 bars fluctuating constantly. But I was unable to use the device at all device. On top of it, now I'm still sitting in the same place. But it went down to 2 bars and is staying there. So it fluctuates quite often, But no matter what amount of signal I have(at least for my house specifically). I'm unable to make a call, or use the internet on the device. I have to use Wi-Fi calling, and obviously be connected to a Wi-Fi network in order just to be able to use any type of service on the phone in my house 100% of the time.

But in the last 2 weeks the bars on the phone have proved, but the service itself has not improved at all. I mean in the bathroom I was even getting X over my service, now I have one bar that's still completely unusable. But until 2 weeks ago I never had 3-4 bars, usually it was just 1 bar and then very rare was 2 bars. But even with 1-2 bars then, I was still unable to use the phone. So the bars itself on the phone holds no real meaning or value to the service itself working.

Hey this is another update.

I haven't heard back from corporate technical support Oscar. At this point it's safe to say that he's not going to return my call.

Also as far as the service, throughout the day on some days. The number of bars on the device has improved, meaning that it show more bars than just one or X over the service. But the service is exactly the same or worse in terms of me using the device. I'm still not able to make one individual call from home at all, and it's so bad that it tells me that I'm not registered on the network. So I automatically you can figure out how the data is as well, completely non usable.

I'm also still having problems away from home as well.

So the only other option is to call corporate again on Monday, and see where it goes from there. I mean I would think by now the offline team would have relayed Oscar a message in over a month. Even if they were adding new spectrum, and brand new cell sites from complete scratch you would at least tell me to be patient kind of like what the other person in this post was talking about. About waiting it out and seeing how it goes because they improved. But I didn't even get some type of call like that. Even corporate is hanging me out to dry with no answer as to why this is happening.

The only thing that has happened is that T-Mobile as a whole gave me $25 off(basic tech support did a few months ago), and then the last time when I called corporate they gave me the whole entire bill for last month free because of these issues. But honestly I can care less for getting any money off my bill, I just want the service to work properly where I can use it. I'm clearly not the only one having these issues in the market, and this is one of T-Mobile's biggest markets in the country. So I would think that they would care to try to fix it and at least do the right thing for the customer. Also especially being a big touristic market where a lot of people come for vacation, spring break things of that nature.

I mean I don't understand why they just don't care! Because it seems like they don't give 2 shi t's about it! Which to me is starting to revert back to the old T-Mobile ways before the serve became good, and got money put into it!(using the service & customer service on the phone).

So this here is how my data services for my home day in and day out is working. So you can only imagine how my call service is, if this is my data.

I mean literally every department at T-Mobile from the basic tech support, all the way to the offline department is completely not helping me. Every department is just completely hanging me out to dry.

I mean you guys claim excellent service. But this gated community is less than a year old built from scratch brand new(so the signal should be able to penetrate through house), nothing to do with the earth obstructing my signal of any kind, and not to mention my service bars fluctuate quite often between 1-4 bars. So I mean I'm capable of getting good bar anount. Now I just need that signal to actually work when I get these bars, and I need these bars to be stable

I mean the only thing to do is call corporate one more time, see what is going on and then from that if they have no answer or they're telling me to wait. I'm going to really have to switch carriers. I mean because at least I was supposed to get a call back from corporate technical support Oscar. Which shows me how how much T-Mobile has a hole cares about the situation. I mean even if it was going to take a while, Oscar should call me back and tell me hey it's going to take a long while we're building new cell sites completely from scratch, which the offline team confirmed with me etc. Because it's rude to even lie in front of corporate technical support as well and not even get an answer back. I mean a corporate customer care representative was also on the line with me, and corporate technical support Oscar when he said that he was going to call me back. I mean this is really how you're treating your customers?! Blatantly lying about calling people back. Then your coverage map in general, how you say one thing about service but it's the 360 opposite. Like you claim excellent service but it's beyond belief horrible and non usable at all. Again either have your coverage map reflect this type of service, or legitimately give me an answer and tell me you're really going to fix it. Not just try to improve the bars on the phone but the service is still exactly the same.

I also feel like basic 611 doesn't want to help me anymore. The reason I say that is because when I used to call I used to get transfer it immediately to somebody on the phone. Now ever since this incident, I call 611 and now I have to wait at least 20 minutes before I get someone to answer. Usually it's someone from overseas, compared to someone in the USA that I was getting every single time. Also it doesn't matter if I call during the day starting at 8AM or if I call after 10PM, I still have to wait over 20 minutes. Then on top of it before you never used to ask me my number, if you did you ask me just my last 4 digits which was rare. Now you're also having me confirm my full phone number through the automated machine before you transfer me. Which makes me think you're trying to find out what number I'm associated with so then you can do the 20 minute hold if it's that number. So I feel like this is a tactic to get us not to call anymore. Which is a shame that you're treating the customers like this.

I mean corporate don't acknowledge something if you don't have any intention on doing something about it. Especially lying about a call back which I didn't want or even asked for in the first place. Corporate just offered this because supposedly they were going to forward this issue to the offline team. Which you can't get in contact with via phone so they were just going to be the middleman so to speak. Replaying their information to corporate technical support Oscar

and then to me, but unfortunately that's not the case and I was blatantly lied to.

It's not just you. Just about everyone has been complaining that T-Mobile's Call Centers have gone way downhill since they were offshored. Asking for your number may be a side-effect of the transfer to the overseas call center.

This is getting ridiculous Chris! I've gotten 0 call backs from corporate and now after another month I am calling them now. But I'm now getting blatantly lied to from the corporate operator. I asked to speak to corporate but he is transfering me down to customer care. I've called 3 times in a row and he keeps saying I'm transfering you to a corporate representative. But he does not, and is lying about it time and time again. Right now in this second as I type this he keeps doing so. I feel calling a million times untill he gives  me a corporate representative, or until I get someome else that is willing to transfer me correctly.

This all needs to F'ing stop! I'm starting to get very fed up and rightfully so!

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I am sorry to hear you have yet to receive a follow up @am321​. I am going to send you a private message so I can gather some information from you.

Try the following site to see recent reported 600MHz Band 71 service.


It's been growing quickly but there is a long way to go to cover the U.S.  The following is what T-mobile hopes to cover by the end of 2018.  I do agree that T-mobile has service holes.  But quit whining.  You can always go to Verizon.