600 MHz band, and general service issues market wide?

I'm trying to see what the deal is with the 600 MHz Towers in the South Florida market? Because for approximately a year now I've been getting told by T-Mobile 611 that the 600 MHz Towers we're already being deployed for this market. I've even had a chat with 611 specifically about certain towers near my house, or near one of my good friends houses. They told me that those towers specifically were going to be completed in January. But the tower I speak of near my good friends house is acting very crazy and I'm only getting 0.01 Mbps, which he lives there so he gets that day in and day out since last November. But they claim that the upgrades for the modernization/600 MHz is already done. But I've been having the same problems in general throughout my whole market which was already established by local engineers and tickets, that it's a market wide issue(if you pull up my account and look from last November till today, even corporate got involved and I spoke to them once).


But I haven't seen any signal improve on any band yet yet. I've also done a Google map look up of the 600 MHz Towers, which it shows you the information on Google Maps from T-Mobile as of February of this year. Which not a single place in my state has 600 MHz supposedly according to Google Maps via T-Mobile information. But for some reason small markets like Wyoming has the 600 MHz, I would think they would try to bring it to the bigger markets first and then the smaller markets.



Know I probably need a 600 MHz phone to take advantage of this, if it's really up and running. But I did preorder the Galaxy S9+, which according to UPS I should be getting it today 4 days early. But nonetheless when I get the phone I'm going to test it, and see if anything improves and see if I am picking up the 600 MHz band. Maybe it's not officially deployed my market yet, but certain individual towers could have it.


But nonetheless, I want to see what's going on with the modernization and if you have any information of when it's going to be deployed in my market?(wspecially after approximately a year I'vebern told this) , and so far I haven't seen any improvements in signals. Actually the service as a whole has been getting worse, to the point that corporate got involved. Which they told me an 11 year customer, to switch carriers and leave multiple times. That's how bad it's getting, because they realize and completely acknowledge it(even at the corporate level), but they're not doing anything to fix it. They just refuse to fix what they acknowledge, which is a market wide issue. So I'm trying to see, maybe the 600 MHz with the Galaxy S9+ will fix all this horrible service I'm getting market wide.

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Here is a map of the reported T-Mobile 600 MHz deployments. You notice all the red dots in Florida? Neither do I. The major reason for this is that Florida is a pretty congested TV market and a lot of TV stations have to be "repacked" from channels 38-50 to lower frequencies to clear the bands for cell phone usage. This is currently scheduled to happen around 2020. You have plenty of time to shop of a new phone to take advantage of 600 MHz.

That's exactly what I see and understand on my own prior to you showing me. But the thing is at least since last November, I've been getting told by 611 that they're doing modernization in my market. Again like I said on the original post, I even talked to 611 about specific towers. Make a specific tower that covers my house, or a tower that covers my friend's house. This is after I give them the full address, and then we talked about it. They've also said market white as well that they've been doing the modernization throughout the market.

So what I'm assuming is that it's not officially deployed for my market yet. But as you know working at T-Mobile, sometimes they have specific towers go live with the upgrades even though the market is not completely finished and officially deployed yet.

Because if that's not the case with the modernization, then 611 has been lying to me about them even working on the towers to modernize them. Which the calls are recorded with them telling me such things on their own.

So I'm just trying to figure out what the deal is here?Based on what 611 is telling me, and based on what you told me in the reply to this post because they're contradicting each other.

*like a tower

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Thanks for supplying the map. What a relief! I live near the Champaign/Urbana area. I have use of Bands 2 & 4 in my area, and the coverage is very good. I won't need an updated phone for awhile (Stylo 3 Plus).

Frankly, I'm not convinced that those folks in India (e.g. 611) know what's actually happening on the ground here in the USofA. It is entirely possible that T-Mobile is installing 600 MHz equipment on towers in Florida. I know that they've been submitting drawings and specs for 600 MHz antennas to zoning boards for tower upgrades since before the 600 MHz auction. It's one thing to have equipment hanging on a tower, it's quite another to actually "light it up". Since the 600 MHz band was essentially "bought" from the TV broadcasters who were using RF channels 38-50, those broadcasters have to be given time to move to new channels. The FCC has adopted a 3-year schedule for doing this. In some cases the schedule has been tweaked. Like in Puerto Rico where, the TV stations and T-Mobile got together and said, "Since we've got to go up on those 1000' towers to fix stuff anyway because of the hurricane, why not go ahead and make the channel change while we're there."  ITMT, T-Mobile is deploying 600 MHz where they can shoehorn a signal in between TV stations. They seem to be concentrating on 1) big cities and 2) rural areas without 700 MHz. Big cities are a problem because they are also normally saturated TV markets. So, a lot of the activity in places like NYC is directed toward getting ($$) TV stations to "repack" to lower channels ahead of schedule.

Everything you have replied to me, I already knew this before you had mentioned it to me. But from experience I've seen in the past that when they're doing upgrade they may put certain powers being lit up, but the actual Market wasn't considered officially done and officially with the new technology. Only certain towers within that market had that working.

Also, you're not helping me as to why they are telling me this, and why I'm getting lied to. You don't understand I've actually got told multiple times by T-Mobile to leave T-Mobile and completely switch to another carrier. This is not a joke, this is what in the computer even written in the system if you pull up my account. This is how bad my signal really is. I really suggest you pull up my account and I can provide you my pin on a private message if necessary. Because there's a lot a lot of stuff more than probably you understand for me just typing here. Legitimately it will probably take you 5 to 10 minutes to read everything in the system because that's how much time I spent on trying to get my service working. Because this is something you specifically on this site is refusing to acknowledge, but corporate(which is even in the computer system when you pull up the account), has touched this issue with me specifically. Every level from local Engineers assessing the issues with tickets, all the way to T-Mobile corporate office has acknowledged to me there's issues in the area with my market as a whole. But they have not done a single thing to fix it, and they even acknowledged to me that the coverage map is being lied to on your website. The regular coverage map not the 600 MHz coverage map. I've had a long discussion with corporate about your coverage map lying to people. Based on what I'm actually getting, and based on what your site actually shows. A lot of places I'm getting there complete 360 opposite of what you're telling me on your website.

I'm having a lot of problems with this company with the service, and after 11 years multiple people have told me to leave. Today I'm about to call corporate back and have another word with them because I'm having a lot of issues with them and I'm getting fed up. It's not the way you treat a customer and you blatantly lie to them time and time again on different issues. From service I'm actually getting, to the service I'm supposed to be getting(according to your coverage map), which is obvious and there's nothing you can say to change that unless you change the coverage map or my service(by actually seeing it improve on my device). Mind you I have the Galaxy S8 right now while typing this, and later today I'm going to be receiving my Galaxy S9+ from UPS preorder from T-Mobile, coming a little early. So I have the latest device as well, and I'm getting even the newer device today. There's no excuse of my service. Don't tell me to upgrade my phone none of that please. All I want is my service to work as supposed to and correctly. I don't need you specifically on this site to tell me they're lying, and they don't know what they're doing or talking about in India. I will suggest that you actually get to the bottom of it and fix this instead of just throwing the people from India T-Mobile support under the bus. I want a real resolution not throwing people under the bus, and not even responding to majority of the message I'm talking about. Please pull up my account and you would see everything I'm talking about. You're going to be shocked how much notes, how much tickets, and how much reports have been in the system because it's unbelievable how much time I spend on this. I just want you to look and acknowledge this. I want something to be done. I just bought a new phone from you and now I have to probably leave before I can even enjoy it because the service is so bad.

I mean it's so bad that I'm getting "E" internet and I'm in one of the biggest markets for you. I'm in the Miami Fort Lauderdale to West Palm Beach Market. Which T-Mobile keeps telling meet at every single Tower even the smallest tower in the whole Market has LTE, and eventually every single tower in the market including the smallest hours going to have the network advancements with the 600 MHz. So for me to have no service in my home, getting edge internet and according to your T-Mobile map I have excellent coverage. Mind you I know that buildings can make a difference, where I live is a brand new house built within the last year from scratch. Plus all over the area and inside the gaed area where I live, actual has short-range towers for T-Mobile placed inside the gate. A bunch of them. But they don't seem to be working for me at least. T-Mobile has already acknowledged that is not my phone, not my SIM card or anything I could do on my end. I mean why does T-mobile blatantly lie to customers like me, and to the point that multiple people more times to completely leave T-Mobile as a whole rather than fixing what they acknowledge from again the local Engineers that came in the system problem all the way to corporate. The local Engineers found at least 42 miles worth of problems which is written in the tickets and notes. But they're not willing to fix it, they're not willing to do anything to make it better. They just leave it. It's like they found the issues, they know the issues, but they're refusing to fix it because they're lazy or they know it's such a big problem that's going to take a while. They actually mentioned the local engineers, said that the the towers were physically damaged. Then one day my service is still the same but they claim it's fixed and all the sudden up the T-Mobile standard from one day to the next. Which makes no sense because if it's fixed and my service would be improved and according to your coverage map on the website. Something's not adding up. I'm very tech-savvy as well so you cannot fool me on how this technology Works, how this thing gets put together, what your coverage map says vs what I'm actually, I know what each MHz means, like for example 600 MHz is good for indoors, What short range towers represent(and that I should be getting covered because I see a bunch of them very very close to me that are from you, inside the gate), what I'm supposed to be getting(based on the normal coverage map), and what I'm actually getting.

This is so wrong that T-Mobile as a whole company is not willing to fix what they completely admitted! At this point the only thing to do is actually fix what is the problem and nothing more nothing less. Look at my account, and you will see that your hands are tied and theres absolutely nothing will you can say, except fix it or leave T-Mobile. That's what it really boils down to and that's it. Which again I've been told multiple on multiple occasions, from multiple people to leave T-Mobile as a whole, completely after 11 years paying always on time never late and wanting to stay with you guys. Which this is your customer service and how you treat a customer, by telling him just leave T-Mobile out right as a whole(you will see this in the computer when you pull up my account. Because it got to the point that is absolutely nothing else you can do for me except continue to lie or kick me off your network).

I really just wish that T-Mobile would fix what they already admitted to me and get this over with and stop playing games. I just want my damn service like I'm supposed to be getting and nothing more nothing less. If not please change your service map on your website to reflect what's going on. Because it's 360 different than what I'm getting starting with my home and it's everywhere in the market. You don't even want to know the half of it. I really wish I didn't have to write this and be so nasty a little bit I apologize. But the thing is I just don't stand for lies, I don't stand for people  telling me one thing and then not fixing what they tell me that would be fixed for example. Or the coverage map being 360 different than what I'm actually getting. Which it again TMobile already established it's not me, my phone, or my SIM card. Which today I'm receiving the S9+ and I'm going to test that out and see if there's any difference at all. I mean I'm even upgrading phone when to try to get better service and do what I need to do on my end, due diligence. All I ask is my service to be working like I pay for it nothing more nothing less. Is that so much to ask for.

I see now. You're operating under the assumption that I'm a T-Mobile employee and can look at your account. This is a "community forum" (i.e. a "chat room") where customers discuss their issues with each other and sometimes certain T-Mobile employees check in with advice and moderation. I'm just a customer like you.

If the advice you've been given is to look for another carrier, I'd suggest that you ask to get your phone(s) unlocked and port them over to AT&T or Cricket. Not every carrier works in every place. If T-Mobile isn't working for you, don't hold your breath waiting for them to fix it. It will be a long wait.

The reason I mention that is because on other sites from other carriers they're able to do so. I see them say hey message me the PIN and I can check into it. If you are an actual T-Mobile representative. Because they are T-Mobile Representatives that come here and reply.

But the thing is as well, I'm getting lied to because if you read what I said all the way. The coverage map show something completely different than what I'm actually supposed to be getting as well. For my home for example it shows excellent coverage, but I get one bar and Edge internet a lot of times. I mean that makes completely no sense.

I mean it would be one thing if their coverage map does not reflect that I have excellent coverage. But if it reflects that I've excellent coverage and I'm getting poor unusable service that's the problem I have. I'm getting blatantly lie to all the way from local Engineers to corporate. Again I've even got told by T-Mobile that that local Engineers found 42 miles of damage towers. After we submitted a ticket. I mean I'm basically repeating myself what I said in the post above. There's reasons as to why I'm getting fed up. Not just no reason out of the blue. T-Mobile is lying to me and rather lie than actually fix the issues. That's why I'm getting fed up. I mean if the coverage map show that I had horrible service, then I could understand for them telling me to switch carriers. But for them to show excellent service starting at home, but then it goes to pretty much all of my market showing excellent coverage and I'm getting problems all throughout my market. Not to mention again local Engineers after assessing the issues, via a ticket came back and said that they found 42 miles worth of damage. They acknowledge that the towers are physically damaged in the tickets. But it seems like they don't want to go and actually fix what they admitted to me is the problem. This is why I'm getting upset. Not just because I get bad signal and T-Mobile site also reflects this. I get bad signal but I'm according to T-mobile I should have excellent service. So there's a huge discretion on their service map based on what I'm supposed to be getting market wide. Mind you I mean one of the biggest markets T-Mobile has, so I feel like maybe they're just doing this to get customers. Because the service is not what they claim as a whole. That's the issue I'm having, them blatantly lying. Also them having a big discretion on the service I'm supposed to be getting and what I'm actually getting. Also the fact that they admit to me that it's broken and damaged, but then they are refusing to fix the broken and damaged issues.

Also sorry that I confused you for a T-Mobile employee. I know how this site works, and I know that I can message them the pin and they can look into my account. The thing is that I'm so fed up, when reading the message you answer to me I didn't bother to check if you were a T-Mobile employee or not responding to me. I apologize for the confusion.

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So after reading your plight and knowing it well there are  only three things you can do on your end. 1. Have a phone that supports the network entirely which you will with the S9 and may even see some improvements. 2. Keep filling tickets and try to be as detailed as possible(i.e provide addresses, use different servers when running tests and so on). 3. Wait patiently.

Trust me when I say I know your pain better than anyone. When I joined T-mobile back in 2014 my home was covered in 2g even though I should of had LTE. When the upgrade to LTE finally did happen at the end of 2015 speeds were horrendous sitting at around .1 on a good day. It was not until 2016 that the miracle of fast LTE happened for me. Now I am happy I stayed and waited since I have a really good plan and really good service. That is why I held out. However, times are different. Now all the carriers offer Unlimited again with comparable pricing and service is hit or miss with any of them. In my experience T-mobile was amazing in Florida however that was pre-hurricane and such.

There is a admin on this forum named tmo_Chris who messaged me back then letting me know about upgrades and such and it was really awesome of him back then. Maybe he can help you with some reliable information.

Also because I am curious if you can enter this code on your samsung dial pad it will put it into service mode and allow you to see what the actual quality of service is.Code is without brackets (*#0011#). Screen shot and upload to the forum so we can see.

I haven't heard about any 600 in s FL yet. I do know there are plans for upgrades very soon for that area (most likely 700 at first) with 600 coming after the TV stations exit it. What phone are you currently using in the area

TMobile is growing and expanding rapidly so a drawback of that can be seen with certain phones not performing up to full potential on the network. That's why I'm wondering which phone to narrow that out

Yes I pre ordered the Galaxy S9+. I'm actually typing this message from that device. So far honestly, the signal is the same. It's actually fluctuating between 1 bar, 2 bars, 3 bars and 4. Sometimes fluctuating from 1 bar to 4 bars, in only for a matter of a minute or two, or sometimes a few seconds and coming back down to 1 bar. Also when I get any amount of bars most of the time the data is unusable(but it's good that I have home Wi-Fi lol). Then for calling, it's very very spotty and sometimes I'm not even able to connect to the call. I'm even having trouble on my old Galaxy S8 and now the S9+ with Wi-Fi calling. Which is not my home internet or anything like that, as I have a gig internet plan from my home internet provider. So I'm way more than capable of having Wi-Fi calling, and Wi-Fi calling working properly and stable with no issues.

Also I actually talked to corporate before I even made this post. They told me that they either need to give me the service that is claimed on their coverage map, or they need to change their coverage map to reflect the actual horrible coverage I'm getting. They agree with me completely on this, or so they say. They also said they do not want to lose an 11 year customer such as me. But so far T-Mobile as a whole company has done absolutely nothing to prove to me that they want to, like T-Mobile corporate told me directly on the phone.

Also a heads up, as of today I started testing and switching the band's to only LTE. In the phone dialer using the *#2263# method. But the same type of fluctuation I mentioned above is still occurring. The fluctuation is is occurring on all bands, and only on all LTE bands. But later today and then tomorrow when I'm driving. I'm going to put on only the 600 MHz band(through the phone dialer method explained above), and see if that picks up anything at all.

I mean I even confirmed with T-Mobile, that I have a bunch of short range towers(the little skinny metal pole with the one box on top of it) in my gated community. Which I can actually see them. I can see at least 5 minimum, and some of them are really close to my house(I mention that as I know short reange towers don't travel a far distance, and it's within that range). Plus what I mentioned before in another reply in this post, is that where I live is a brand new development built within the last year from scratch. The reason I mention that is because newer buildings can penetrate cell phone signal much easier and better. So I also want to point that out that I should be able to get the signal even more so. Which T-Mobile appears to agree with me on that as well.

I mean this is just getting ridiculous at this point, I mean they're blatantly lying. It's blatantly obvious what they're doing and what the issue is if you are just a little bit tech savvyat least a little bit, and know about phones and phone technology.

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Well service should not be different from your s8 as there is no band 71 in that market deployed as far as I am aware. I guess you will find out from your testing. Also when it comes to wifi calling, it doesn't take that much bandwidth to place the call. What is more important is the latency and if there is packet loss. Thanks for the update though. I do believe this is more a matter of time and filing tickets than anything else.

First off I already found multiple tickets for Wi-Fi calling and nothing is working. What exactly is going on is I'm connected to Wi-Fi calling, but I'm not receiving some calls, and having trouble making a good amount of calls. Sometimes I'm even getting some errors within the settings. Now I'm also getting the problem where on the S9+ it doesn't even turn off signal bars from T-Mobile. It keeps them on. So I'm able to make an outgoing call on Wi-Fi just fine. But majority of the incoming calls do not come through because you're picking up the bars. Which my signal so bad 99% of the calls do not come through. I'm saying this because on the S8 there used to be an X over my signal bars, as long I have the Wi-Fi preferred phone for the Wi-Fi calling, and actually have the Wi-Fi calling on itself. Put on the S9 it doesn't do that it just keeps the signal bars normal even fluctuating, at the same time I do see that Wi-Fi calling logo in the same position like normal, on the top left hand corner.

It's like I'm going in circles, everything I do to try to fix it with tickets in the whole shebang doesn't get fixed. It's like they ignore it or they claim nothing is wrong when it clearly is. I can take videos showing you, I can take screenshots showing you, I can do whatever it takes to prove it to people. Because it's really going on.

Also I want to know your take if you care to answer. As to why corporate is telling me this and not really fixing it ,and everything I mentioned with that? Because it seems like you skip over that part of my response every time. Plus I'm not even the only one in this community support site to talk about the mapping different than what they claim. And what they were talking about is actual mountains and infrastructures in California at least over a thousand miles away from me. I engaged in that conversation because I have that issue multiple places within my market, where T-Mobile lies about coverage, they show on the coverage map that I have excellent service, but reality in I have beyond belief horrible service. Some places like inside buildings they claim have excellent service, I have no service at all, which is like what that post on this site and referring to was talking about. They're talking about with actual land like mountains and stuff getting no service. Where T-Mobile claims excellent for them. Here is the link to the post I'm referring to on this T-Mobile support community website. https://support.t-mobile.com/thread/142744 .

I would like to add something to my last post.

Once I posted my previous response above, I got deeper into the issue. I started using the open Signal app. Upon using the open Signal app, the app told me that there's zero towers nearby. But what's concerning to me,  is that I live 0.9 miles(according to Google maps) from the second biggest mall in the country land size(if you want to know the specific mall ask me and I will tell you, and then you can Google and you would find this). So what I'm starting to think is, maybe there's a lack of actual towers in the area, and the towers that they have is being taken up by the mall. So now maybe there's not enough capacity on the towers to support this new development and other there places around here.

Because what else can there be claiming excellent coverage, but there's not even towers nearby. Unless the clear as day blatantly lying like I said before.

I also provided a screenshot of my signal on the Open Signal app. Which is a daily occurrence all day, this is what they consider "excellent" on T-Mobile's coverage map.

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I can't speak on why cooperate says the things they do and I feel that it won't help anything if I were to voice my thoughts on the matter. That is the reason I have been skipping over that part. My goal is to make things better or to resolve issues entirely for users. As far as the map is concerned it is my understanding that T-mobile bases there ratings off of signal strength and not the actual throughput a user receives. If you read the fine print they don't really guarantee anyone a specified speed but instead provide a range. Company Information | T-Mobile’s Broadband Internet Access Services

As far as the wifi calling acting wonky have you thought about one of T-mobiles boosters or mini towers that you can put in your home. That would be a band-aid fix ofcourse for when your at home but atleast it would provide you with excellent voice quality and such. Also I doubt that there are no towers in the area otherwise you would not see the signal strength that you have currently.

I'll explain to you exactly what's going on with my Wi-Fi calling. I think it's a software bug, and needs to be fixed via OTA.

On the S8, when I would turn on Wi-Fi calling, and had that Wi-Fi calling preferred. What it would do is take the signal bars of T-Mobile and put a x over the signal bars the whole time. But it will show the Wi-Fi calling symbol in the top left-hand corner. When I receive a call, or try to make an outgoing call the Wi-Fi logo in the corner would become green. But on the S9+ it shows the Wi-Fi calling logo on the left corner. But the signal bars from T-Mobile is still there and fluctuating like I explained above if I don't have Wi-Fi calling on. With that being said, when I try to send a text message there's issues because of my signal not being good hear from T-Mobile. So the text messages either don't go through or take a long time to go through. Then when I make an outgoing call the Wi-Fi calling works perfectly fine and normal, and the logo on the top left corner becomes green. But when I get a incoming call, Wi-Fi calling is not being picked up at all. It goes directly to voicemail or sometimes Rings through T-Mobile service, but service is so bad that I get disconnected shortly after.

So the problem appears to be that Wi-Fi calling is not completely shutting off my T-Mobile cellular service. Still leaving the service on so part of the functions are working through T-Mobile, and part of its working through Wi-Fi calling. Which I think can be fixed via an OTA update.

Also the reason why I was stressing my gig internet plan at home is to show you and tell you, that I have way more than enough capabilities to run Wi-Fi calling. Because like you said to me I know it takes only a little bit of data to run it. So I just wanted to stress and show the point that I'm capable and it should be no issues like I'm experiencing. It should connect and work properly.

Also last night I put on band 71 600 MHz and I was getting a fluctuation of between 2-3 bars, every few seconds. The internet is still usable like I explained above, when I'm on band 71. The calling is still atrocious, with no improvement whatsoever. Then today this morning when I was driving to work, pretty much all the places I traveled didn't have band 71 equipped. Only by my home and maybe one other place along the route had it. So they're putting it up and they're bringing it out here, but it's not officially deployed yet. I say that based on it running, on a very few towers as of now. Because if I did the dialer method and change my LTE band, I will get an X over my signal if I didn't have the 600 MHz band available around me.

I just hope that I can get my signal for my house working. I hope that once 600mhz is officially deployed that my signal improves greatly. I would like to think that it's not fully running yet, and they're only testing it. So it's not going to be a strong and the best as it can be, because it's not officially and fully up and running.

*still unable

*still unusable

Sorry my autocorrect keeps changing it last second before I send it.

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Once band 71 is properly deployed I am confident that your network performance will improve. As far as the wifi calling issue, there is not much you can do except hoping Samsung roles out a quick fix.

Also something else you should be aware of. Is I have a discretion because the open Signal app is showing red and horrible service for my area. While T-Mobile's coverage map says excellent coverage. T-Mobile's coverage map even says something about how its user tested. That the data is user colleted data and shown on the T-Mobile's coverage map. But apparently it's a 360 difference then what's on the open signal app.

Which honestly I trust the Open Signal coverage map, I don't really trust T-Mobile coverage map at all. Which this seems to be a problem across the country, T-Mobile lying about their coverage all across the country. Some of it is even a worse situation than mine because there's mountains blocking it(the link I provided to the other post above, and it's quite obvious that you're not going to get signal). Which is something they cannot fix and correct, unlike in my situation they can fix it and correct it. I mean this goes far beyond just me here in Florida. This goes all across the country, and I don't even know how many issues of this is happening. Where they lie about their coverage map, say one thing and it's actually something else when you're at that location(probably at least dozens across the country).

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Well no carrier coverage map is very realistic. The generally base there coverage off of optimistic estimates. The collected data that they refer to is those little check boxes scattered across the map where a customer was able to get some form of coverage. Its not perfect but atleast it gives consumers a idea. I would not say they are lieing ether but using different metrics than what Opensignal uses to base coverage for a area on.