600 MHZ Support Central,WI (Juneau and Adams Counties)

  • 11 February 2019
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Recently in Central,WI (PEA253: Baraboo, WI) New 600 mhz signals have shown up on my S8 Active Plus, S9, and Tab S4. The tower does not seem to support calls, or internet even though there is 4-5 bars of LTE signal. Customer Care thinks it is engineering building out the new 600 mhz network; which is great. However does any one at T-Mobile have any timelines, updates or info on what is scheduled ect...? When might the tower support services and when will neighboring towers come online?


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This is a great question. We don't have a timeline, but I know this is an area we can improve and so do our engineers. Using our roaming partners and Wi-Fi calling (when available) will be the best bet until future changes are made.

The issue is that the tower that is broadcasting keeps pulling devices off roaming partners as the devices prefer T-Mobile service over partners. Thus causing issues and why I am seeking a timeline. 1 month, 3 months, 6 months? Someone has to have an idea somewhere?

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I hear you. There's a chance we can get an estimated time from our engineers. To get that, we'll need to have you file a Service Complaint with our Care folks. Just as an example, I've seen some complaints come back with a 3-6 month estimated time for improvement. However, this varies from place to place.

So as of Sept 2019 we finally have data and voice working in Adams County. However Juneau County is another matter. Now when close to Adams County we get some T-Mobile service. Then until you get away from Adams you end up without any signal as the phone tries to fiqure out what to do. Then once your about 10 mile away from the Wisconsin river you finally get kicked to AT&T. When will this be fixed? Its been over 6 months?

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I'm sorry it has been a pain to pick up a reliable signal especially when you keep bouncing off the roaming partners signal to ours which isn't completely functional yet. As MC mentioned above, our Engineers may be able to give you a more closer time frame, but you'll need to Community-2153 to get a Service Ticket filed.

I have contacted customer service. They promised 2 additional Cellspots. However I guess these have been out of stock since July 2019. So the cellspots don't help if you never get them. I have begun to active map coverage failure and log issues with what is reality vs what is shown on the coverage map. 600 MHZ shows the area is covered. It is NOT. It seem Tmobile towers are active in Adams county and NOT Juneau County unless on the expressway on the 66 LTE Band. Whereas Adams is using band 71. The coverage map shows Juneau county is covered with band 71. I believe this is still future coverage and the logging I have already done backs this up. So perhaps someone can contact me and give me a timeline and help me as I have been jumping thru hoops since Feb 2019, call after call....