Advanced LTE up in my town...

And my LTE Speeds, both Download and Upload, have at least DOUBLED!  This is a resort area so Winters give me much better speeds over the Summer Months when everyone comes to the beach.  I'm on the list under Ocean City, NJ. 

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Thats awesome man. Glad to hear coverage is going strong where you are at. Its the same for my location as well and I got say its really nice. Makes a huge difference on the day to day.

Glad to hear it isnt only me....  Thought people wouldnt believe me  😊

what phone are using to take advantage of the network. I'm rocking the S8 currently.

I was on Prepaid using a Pixel XL and they just allowed me to move to a Postpaid account, so i just got a Note 8.

Nice that phone is a beast. Part of me really wishes I would of waited and got it instead of the GS8.

Yea, I haven't been able to put it down since I got it 4 days ago.  The S8 is a great device, I was after the 6GB of RAM.  Do you root?

not normally. I used to root older phones back when I had a actual need but now a days I find android more than capable without root and arguably a smoother experience.

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Just want to chime in here and say we know that @dragon1562​ coverage has improved lately (and we are stoked about that!), but it's super awesome to read that you're seeing a difference too, @devicemanager​! 😀
Thanks for taking a second to post your feedback here in our Community! ❤

O ok, thats all im into is rooting Android Devices and Modding them...Little upset the bootloader is locked in the T-Mobile Model Note 8 😥

Since this is an LTE Advanced thread, I figured it was ok to ask this here.

I have a Galaxy S7 that works fine with LTE Advanced, 3 CA - bands, 2, 4, and 12, here in the West Michigan TMobile market.  My son, however, just purchased a Galaxy S8 + Intl version model G955FD.  He bought this phone for the dual sim capability, and since he travels to Japan a couple times a year, he would have carrier flexibility.  Anyway, we've noticed that the download speeds are not near as fast as on my S7.  We went into service mode on both phones, and mine will do the 3 CA, but his will only utilize bands 4+12, and not Band 2. 

With all of that said, we have been to the TMobile store and asked why this happens, and the suggestion was posting here, or one of the Android forums.  I am guessing that some type of TMobile specific firmware is needed in order to utilize LTE Advanced fully? 

Please let us know what could possibly be causing this. 

That is correct. The US carriers currently use very different standards in order to meet the "LTE-A" criteria. As well as different generations and iterations of the tech that was deployed. For example, AT&T will not allow any non-branded phone (with the exception of iphone) to use Voice over LTE, WIfi calling and etc on the network. Now if I remember correctly I believe the Exynos variants of the S8 lacked some of the cellular tech needed on a hardware level to take advantage of some of the stuff in the US including the 3 way CA of those frequencies. Hope the info helped.