Alamo Ranch, Tx

  • 14 June 2021
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Why is the coverage in the Alamo Ranch area of San Antonio Texas so horribly horribly bad? As you go away from town, passing Sea World, out highway 151 to the Alamo Ranch area, the signal just drops rapidly. Inside of ANY building, even a glass enclose restaurant, the signal is ZERO for any type on online browsing. Please, drop another tower east and west of San Antonio Sea World, this is terrible.

2 replies

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That’s odd. I looked up the address of the Sea World in San Antonio and I’m seeing solid 4G and 5G. I’m seeing the coverage change more to a roaming partner as you head west. I’d start with our Signal issues / no service troubleshooting page first as it’s got some common steps that can help. 


As you pass Sea World west bound there is a point of no return. Sea World is OK to decent, but as you head out highway 151 to the Alamo Ranch area it drops off to nothing. Sitting at the Alamo Ranch area, Target as an example, you have 1 bar IF you’re lucky. Data is non existent if you are inside of a building. It is like the area is a dead zone. Friends of ours moved to that area and had to change providers away from TMobile because of lack of service availability. TMobile supplied some type of booster box for the home and the service is still poor. The area around the intersection of Ingram rd and Hwy 151 is also ‘moody’ at best indoors. It’s like these are two dead zones for service.