All videos throttled below 1.2 mbps

  • 28 December 2020
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Every single video I'm trying to watch is throttled below 1.5 or even 1.2 mbps. YouTube is fine via the app only but, via the browser, it's a nightmare, I can't watch anything above 720p... The only time I get full bandwidth is when I use the VPN, which is very annoying to do every time. The connection shows 250/80 at all times, I have 5 bars and a stable, fast 5g connection. 


Called T-Mobile numerous times but they're telling me that I'm on a One Business plan that has unlimited internet (high speed) and that I never reached anything close to 50gb per line on any of the lines. I tried the Binge On code but it's not compatible with my lines, refreshing settings and resetting the phone doesn't do the trick either. 


I use a Samsung galaxy s20 ultra unlocked, running the latest update. It was fine until about a month ago, T-Mobile is no help but, if anyone can tell me what settings I can tweak on order to try and mitigate this annoying obstacle I will really appreciate it! Also, if anyone in Brooklyn 11223 area is having the same issue please let me know, if I'm not the only one I will feel much better and will just wait until whatever issues T-Mobile is having are resolved. 


Thank you! 



3 replies

I was chatting with t-mobile help about this same issue, and got this explanation (attached photo)

Basically, use a vpn or pay $100 extra a month per line.

This whole fast lane pass for video streaming is illegal (There are some FCC rulings that Ajit Pai missed), and they know it. Even a cheap VPN is enough to get around the throttling issue. T-Mobile says that 5G connections won't be throttled after you reach a certain amount of data, but we'll see.


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Gee, sure would be nice if they said this somewhere on their website. The only thing that’s even close to this is that the Magenta plan comes with a Netflix SD subscription, while Magenta Plus comes with 2-screen HD. But nothing about throttling YouTube streaming.

Search for 480, it's right at the top, about 5 pages down when zoomed all the way out.


They make it so easy to find what you're looking for! (I had to click 4 links on specific parts of the site to find this page)