Annoying Tmobile App Alert - Mobile Data setting is currently off when it actually is still on

  • 20 March 2018
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This notification comes up every few minutes for the past several months.  Samsung Galaxy S4.  It all started when I recently went on vacation to japan and used a local SIM card.  I have no major connection issues.  Thank you!


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8 replies

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Have you tried power cycling the device and turning mobile data off and back on?

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Just wanted to check in on the suggestion above. 😊


thanks!  so far i have powered off and left off and then turned on and also switched data on/off but symptom still continues

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Ok good than next I would try booting the phone into safe mode. If the problem still persists even in Safe mode you may want to consider doing a factory reset. If you do the factory reset you will lose all information the device so be sure to back it up prior.

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Hi there!

Have you tried to Safe mode and reset suggestion above? Please give us a reply back and let us know. Thanks.

i havent yet.  hmm honestly it hasnt been a problem the last few days.  im not sure why it reduced lol.  thanks all!

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Well, I wish we could claim that we helped here and knew the reason why in case anyone else bumps into this ... but ultimately I'm glad to read that this hasn't been an issue for a few days now! 😊   Thanks for coming back to let us know!

My phone just had an update and post update this same App Alert is now appearing. It did not appear prior to the update, after the update, it appeared immediately.

ETA.. I just uninstalled the update and it got rid of it. It was 100% related to the most recent t-mobile app update.

I should mention I just realized my situation was slightly different. My data was off. I was at home so using wifi and I kept getting the alert when I never did before.