Any way to keep wifi calling active outside of service area?

  • 10 July 2020
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I have a Samsung S7 that has wifi calling, but wifi calling only works as long as I have an active network registration on the cellular network, which can only be achieved by pinging a tower, and this registration appears to expire after not being able to ping a tower for a few hours and wifi calling ceases to work.

The cellular coverage at my house is spotty so I rely solely on the wifi connection while I’m there, however I am unable to make calls or send or receive texts over wifi if I have not “pinged” a tower within the past few hours, which is usually only when I leave the house.  The general behavior is that in the morning wifi calling won’t enable until I leave the house and connect to the cellular network, but then when I get home and lose the cellular network, I can continue to use wifi calling and texting successfully for the rest of the evening, but then by the morning it’s disabled again and won’t re-enable until I leave the house and get in range of a tower.

Is there a way to stop from losing this network registration after a few hours on wifi, or is there a way to re-register over wifi?  Right now all I can do is walk to the end of the street and wave my phone around until it gets a ping, and that’s sufficient for me to then go back home and have wifi calling work for a few hours before the registration is lost again.

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