Anyone else have super slow VPN connection?

  • 20 July 2020
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Hotspotting speeds are fine (20-30 Mbps) normally , but as soon as I turn on my corporate VPN, speed drops to to 500 Kbps.  A couple minutes later, sign off VPN, speeds go back up to 20-30 Mbps.

Thoughts? I’ve got plenty of hotspot data for the month (as evidenced by normal speeds when not on VPN).

I tried forcing my APN to IPv4, no difference.  Does T-mobile automatically throttle VPN connections?  Anyone else have these problems?

My IT dept. wants to just switch me to an AT&T hotspot.  T-Mobile support tried the usual resets, no joy.

Am I only one with these problems?

LG V30, Cisco AnyConnect VPN

2 replies

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From my understanding over the years.  People have been using VPN to hide certain type of traffic so there is some throttling when it comes to VPNs when certain flags(desktop generally).  Also depending on where that VPN resides and where the traffic claims you to be then there is location throttling.  For example depending on your plan you may be only getting 2G(EDGE) international data because you are “somewhere” in Spain.  


This is just personal observation from other VPN, and throttling threads that come in from time to time.

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Honestly, if you attempting to do work from home over a VPN, you would be significantly better off getting a hardwired internet provider. Think FIOS, Comcast, etc. Cell phone data speeds are not the best for VPNs and depending on the task latency is going to be your bigger issue more than actual throughput. 

As far as throttling over VPNs I have not noticed any, it may just be the routing that you need to take to connect to the VPN is long. An internet connection is only as fast as the weakest link in the chain.