Anyone else having problem activating galaxy watch 4 as standalone?

  • 9 October 2021
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So I just got two LTE galaxy watch 4's to use when I don't want to carry my phone with me (while exercising). After spending two hours at a T-Mobile store and another hour on the phone with a technician, they escalate and another tech comes on and advises me that the galaxy watch 4 cannot be used as a standalone on t mobile. It can only be used when connected and near the phone its paired with! WHY would T-Mobile sell an LTE watch that can only be used when connected to the phone? That is called a Bluetooth watch! Very frustrated with them wasting 3 hours of my time, when this could have been mentioned when the watches were ordered. And even then, why sell LTE watches instead of Bluetooth watches? Has anyone one had this issue? 

13 replies

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You can thank Samsung for that.  That is how their watches are designed.  It’s a peripheral.


So the watch 4 cannot be connected as a standalone on Verizon or AT&T either?

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So the watch 4 cannot be connected as a standalone on Verizon or AT&T either?

Edit:  Looking more into it.  AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and US Cellular are listed as possible for the Galaxy Watch 4 LTE to run off of LTE independently.  If Samsung’s wording is any hint though, it requires its own plan and more than likely, an eSIM.  


Correct! And I am paying for plans/lines for each individual watch, which they now say can only work while connected or near the phone. Which explains my frustration. 

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My mother has one up in Canada.  I know she has to have her phone with her for it to work, even without being paired by Bluetooth. 

I have the exact same issue.  Just received two Galaxy 4 watches yesterday, have 2 separate lines but have been unable to make calls on the LTE network.  A phone rep from T-Mobile told me the exact same thing, that the phones don’t work as standalone devices.  I find it unbelievable that we can purchase these devices through our carrier, which are made to be LTE capable, and not be able to use them that way. It doesn’t make sense.

It's definitely strange…

My husband and I both own a Samsung Galaxy watch. Both pay 10$ each on our own (separate) plans, both watches have their own number.

They both work when within Bluetooth range of our phones as well as when away (say we forgot phone at home or something).

Are you unable to use the watch unless it is paired via Bluetooth? Does it not “forward" to your main device's number?

What about the DIGITS thing?

No, I never tried DIGITS. I'm not sure it would work for me as I came over from Sprint. I'm on the T-mobile network now but I don't think I can use DIGITS. 

I bought 3 watches each with unlimited plans. I've spent over 50 hours on the phone with them. No resolution to date and cannot return watches. They were bought for the very purpose of being standalone devices. Third watch I've been told cannot be launched on the Wearable app per network even if they could add service. Only allow for two watches on app and through them. 


Keep in mind I bought all three through the carrier will high expectations and promises. I've also been told I'm in a 24 month contract for keeping service in which I'm not receiving service. 

I just got mine and set it up without issues? Watch has its own number but makes phone calls as the linked phone.

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Have a look here:

It seems like samsung’s plague has once again come unto us with lies showing us sweet honey while they sold us snake poison galaxy watch all 4s models.

I spent roughly $ 654.00 plus on these things with so called discount when I tried to activate the standalone plan that I have had for long time,Tmobile and T/sprint and att all of them could not do any better the only resolution was to wait for 72 hours while samsung work on their watches but after 84 hrs I came again to get the same disapointing answer: Sorry Mr Sir,,,, your unfortunateeeee watch won’t work as a standlonely device sooo>>>; you need to use it as a companion to your phone….. Shameless Samsung and these US Carriers are just as thieves as any thief can be except they are stealing using the book.

I had to return the watch and other fake offers I got with them right now, we may not like Apple, but we are being forced to get into it.

I am having a similar issue. I have a Sprint business account, I got a call from someone from Sprint that I need to get updated T-M0bile SIM cards for our devices otherwise we will not be able to use the network soon. Went to a local T-Mobile store/repair center [where I have been going for years with Sprint] asked about updating SIM cards, after waiting 45 minutes for an available associate, they changed SIM cards in our Samsung phones. I mentioned that I am considering upgrading my Galaxy S3 smartwatch and getting a new watch with LTE plan instead of only Bluetooth/WiFi, I chose a Galaxy Smart Watch 4 Active [44 mm without classic bevel] that is on promotion for $99 if I sign up for an unlimited wearale plan for $10 a month and agree to keeping it active for 2 years. So I did, I was almost going to do a trade in on Samsung’s website for the Smartwatch 4 Classic LTE 46mm for their Black Friday special of $299, so this seemed like a good deal without the bevel and slightly smaller for $99. The agreeing and signing up, then, pulling my new watch from inventory and waiting for the associate to set it up and pair to my phone took about 90 minutes. Then an hour later I was at home and tried to make a call from phone, got error message that I am not connected to a network, drove back to the store, got on waiting list again, eventually got the guy who was helping me before, he apologized and ended up changing to yet another new SIM card, seemed to work, but I asked him to test watch to make sure the standalone LTE worked without being connected to my cell phone’s Bluetooth. It did not work, he tried to do a factory reset of the watch and set it up again, but still did not work on standalone without my cell phone on. Kept trying different fixes, got help from other associates, and eventually a a manger, they could not make the stand alone LTE work, only Bluetooth with my phone on. The store was soon closing, manager suggested they would send a message to someone offsite to recommend higher tier for a fix, said they would call me first thing upon opening the following day. I had no choice but to say “OK. Next morning arrives, I did not hear from them, at 2 PM I called the store, got put on hold, then somehow was cut off, so I decided to drive there again. Got on waiting list again, a different manager said he knows how to fix it, however after an hour he could not fix it, so asked one of the technicians from the back to try. Three factory resets and reactivations, and 3 hours later they said they can not figure out why it wont work and will need to submit a claim to yet a higher level of assistance and it will take 5 business days. “But the good news is you can use your watch/phone while paired together via Bluetooth as long as you are within 30 feet of phone”. I explained that I already had a Samsung watch that I can do that with and did not need an extra 410 per month wearable, plan. The whole reason to agreeing to two years of $10 a month fees was because I want stand alone capability to go on walks and bike rides without my phone, but still have network access. They said “well you can still pair with your watch via BlueTooth” We went round and round about that, I eventually realized and accepted the level of customer service I was dealing with at this location and can only hope that after 5 business days they either fix it, or they end the contact. I am very disappointed, I like the watch, I just wish it would do what they promised it would do. I was sold on the idea of standalone LTE and now I want it. My wife has it on her phone, same Sprint business account, recent upgraded SIM card, same Samsung watch/phone pairing, her stand alone works, mine does not.