Anyone else having problems since switching to T-Mobile?

  • 11 November 2021
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I was a Sprint customer and switched to T-Mobile since the merger.  I have been having problems ever since I switched.  With Sprint, I had great reception.  Now, with T-mobile, calls drop all the time, texts don’t always send right away, and data is very slow, if it even connects.  I don’t even get call in my house.  This is ridiculous.  Why aren’t they using the same Sprint towers?  I have to leave my house to get text messages. Help!!!!!


5 replies

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I had a prepaid sprint mnvo that I found out recently that they're now using Tmobile towers and the phone I had wasn't compatible but that's the only thing. Luckily I could use one of my old Tmobile phones.

I am having the exact same issues since switching over with the new SIM card 2 weeks ago. It doesn’t matter whether I am using the WiFi calling or the network. I’ve tried all of the troubleshooting suggestions with no improvement. It’s very frustrating.

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improved for able to pull from both Sprint as well as TMO in my area...not to mention my area was not a high priority for 5G anytime soon and now i have 5G..

I am having issues too.  Calls dropping, horrible reception and delay in text messages.   Might be time to find a new carrier

I’m in the same boat. Had sprint it was awesome. Then after Tmobile took over I had to get rid of my Samsung S7(which i used for 6 years,awesome phone), then the account fiasco of getting new phone & switching sprint account to a Tmobile account. Then my coverage gets worse & worse as time goes on. I live in the middle of downtown Portland OR & I get 0-1 bars at my apartment, on the top floor of my building. Then at cascade station, a big shopping near PDX airport, I have 0 coverage, no signal or anything on the 2 phones i use a Iphone se & Cat s61(android). Tmobile cell coverage is absolute garbage & gets worse everyday. With sprint I had coverage in the middle of nowhere when camping & fishing while everyone else had no signal. I miss Sprint...the good old days.