Anyone fed-up with horrible coverage from TMobile

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This is a Description of our Complaint with T-Mobile and the BBB:
For the past almost 3 years we have had all of our family cell phone lines with T-Mobile. We switched over from Verizon about 3 years ago because we responded to a promotion offered by T-Mobile whereby offered much better coverage at much better prices. Turns out that their marketing in advertising campaign was misleading and inaccurate at best. From day one, the coverage and reception was below any basic level of acceptance causing phone calls in messages to drop or fail at a rate off three failed for one success. After a few months, I complained with T-Mobile, they profusely apologized and told us to be patient because they were in the process of rolling out their new 5G Network and also merging their Network with sprints, and they said that the coverage and service issues will greatly improve in a matter of weeks or a couple of months at the most. When this didn't happen, I called to request a transfer of service and they insisted that it was just a matter of time for their coverage and service to noticeably improve and they offer a nominal remporary discount to keep us from switching over. As expected, the coverage and service not only did not improve but got worse. After another 12 months have gone by and everyone in our household having being fed up with dropped calls failed messages in lack of connectivity, we have decided to switch over to another carrier. When I call T-Mobile to inquire about the process, they told me that we're free to switch over but they're going to charge us retractively rebates and fees that they have waived because we're not meeting the term of our contract. And my question to them what kind of compensation do we get for the 3 years of failing to provide the most basic service that we have been faithfully paying in full for almost 3 years. We'll know that these are tactics that these types of companies use to hold people hostage regardless of whether they are the ones at fault in causing you to leave. This should be unacceptable!

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Sadly a once great cell coverage is now crap.  And Website is so slow it is hardly usable. Barely works at my home.  20 years ago everything was great.  Then 5+ years ago problems, dropped calls, usable voice quality, missed calls & messages, sometimes can not call out at all.  T-mobile sent repeater boxes, nice fixed problems for a while.  Now repeater box only has 0-1 of 5 bars, most of the time (was 3-4 bars).. Appears that rollout of 5G, is killing 4G LTE coverage, and/or 5G cell upgrades have caused problems.  No solutions from T-mobile in 18 months of complaints.  Same thing happened with Verizon 20 years ago, they over sold service (too many phones for # of cells), and coverage got poor.  Switched to T-Mobile, a small company that cared.  Now T-Mobile is the 900lb monster, that does not care.  All T-Mobile effort into marketing, not customer service.   Appears T-Mobile marketing has oversold services (too many phones for network to handle).

Appears T-Mobile marketing has oversold services (too many phones for network to handle).  Good service when it works, but not near my house anymore. I live the twin cities MN suburb, T-mobile coverage map shows complete coverage at my home, which is not true. 

I'm over in the Northeast Boston Mass, about 20 minutes north.. 3. Mi from my last address which I had great service... And literally since I moved in June I've had the worst service and internet service ever... I love T-Mobile in their customer service. They are usually willing to do whatever they can! However, not all their techs are trained the same and if you go through the app into the help area to the technical support number, it is actually a different technical support that you get when you just call the basic 611. I had one rep telling me I had absolutely no service in my area and that I should just cancel it. Where it said I have extended 5G 4G LTE range and I can actually see the tower from my bedroom window. I just recently bought a Google Wi-Fi range extender router.. does seem to help. However, because T-Mobile service is still getting a spotty reception, the Google Wi-Fi does go down at least once a day when the Google Wi-Fi is working. It definitely helps increase the T-Mobile router. I used to have the original 5G router that they placed out which was made by Nokia. Absolutely terrible, overheating like no one's business.. I'm constantly getting spam messages.. after switching it definitely made a small improvement.. I understand having some high traffic areas but like other people are complaining when you pay 3 to $400 a month for four lines and internet plus phones on the plan. It's an awful lot of money to put out to have 50/50 coverage! I still even have my old Wi-Fi range extenders from T-Mobile to help draw even more of a signal in which they don't even offer anymore... Lol it's tough. One technology is changing like this.. But at the end of the day they really should be offering people that have to call more than three times a month to deal with internet issues.. The person that helped me last had me do something a little bit different. This time They had me unplug my router and keep it unplugged while they can figured my network from the other end. Once they were done then I plugged my router back in and it seemed to help improve slightly for sure... But still 60/40 is not that much better than 50/50 lol

I hope they get this figured out soon because if this persists, I can see a class action lawsuit happening in the future! You can't take people's money without guaranteeing something.. or what's the point of having the service in the first place? At the end of the day, not every single contract is going to stand tall. It's going to be on the side of the consumer eventually! But at least they have really excellent dedicated technicians and people willing to go out of their way to help you on the other line. That's the one thing I can say about how much I love. T-Mobile is their customer service is good!

I remember back in the day starting out at a kiosk with cellular one which eventually became singular wireless and then turned into AT&t... That service was pure s*** call you after 9:00 when it's free 🤣🤣

So I think I'm a little more appreciative of the changing technology and everything going on. However, it would be nice to see better service all around! 

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Appears T-Mobile marketing has oversold services (too many phones for network to handle).  Good service when it works, but not near my house anymore. I live the twin cities MN suburb, T-mobile coverage map shows complete coverage at my home, which is not true. 

TMobiles own written response to a CPUC inquiry of ‘No Service ‘ has TMobile response stating that the area I question is 4g LTE,  but TMobile coverage maps show it as 5g.

@T-mobile what's going on! your service is terrible, we need an explanation and a pront solution to this issue NO MORE EXCUSES!!..

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Yes, I can agree. I just past my 1 year anniversary and I can say I do not like any product or service of tmobile. Support is terrible. I have been told for the entire year that my tower (home address) is being “upgraded”. As if that would explain anything. A year? I have read recently in the NEWS that tmobile support makes this claim to get customers off of their back. This claim was made by a former tmobile employee. I tend to believe the new story. I find it difficult to believe that an upgrade to a tower takes over a year to complete. They continued this same claim when I filed a complaint with the BBB as well. Network speeds crawl most of the time, and get significantly worse in the evenings.  Home internet and cell is not the same speeds at the same locations. Home internet is a poor product I would not recommend to anyone. I CAN make phone calls and send text messages. Coverage in my state of WV is spotty… but so are all carriers here. Claims of the fastest, best and so forth in my opinion are lies. It depends on where you are! In WV all carriers are terrible. Not fast, not well covered, and not stable. Support is friendly but difficult to understand (Indian accent) for me. Answers are always the same. Promises to improve, fix, etc. that NEVER are followed thru. EVER. I mean NEVER-EVER. That is the definition of LIE. Coupled with the “upgrade”: Tmobile lied to me when they state that the upgrade will improve my service (it is never going to be completed-if it ever existed). Lied when they said I would have great coverage. Lied when they said my network 5G would be blazing fast. Lied when they said they had the best support (third party). Lied when they said my home internet would be 5G speeds. On and on. Such a pain to switch tho. Just one lying company to another? Look: if you just want a phone and a text message… anyone will do. This network garbage is all just that: garbage. Your ISP should never be a cell carrier… period. Get cheap service for a call and go elsewhere for everything else is my best advise. 

I've been having issues with my T-Mobile service since I switched over to their Magenta Max plan + got a new iPhone 13 Pro. Now I only get reception if it shows the bars AND also specifically shows 5G UC. If it shows 5 bars and says only "5G" or LTE or anything else, I get absolutely no data reception. The bars don't mean anything anymore.

Their customer support has been no help. They always start by checking the coverage in my area (San Francisco) and tell me there are no outages, and then tell me to restart my phone, which usually does the trick, but it happens so frequently that it's a huge pain to have to restart every time I don't get data reception. They are unable to provide any other insight into the issue.

If anyone is reading this while shopping for a new carrier, AVOID T-MOBILE! Go with a different, more reliable carrier.


All mobile networks have dead zones, and I understand that, HOWEVER, it is outright fraudulent to publish maps claiming coverage exists where it does not.    If anyone ever starts a class action lawsuit against T-Mobile/Sprint, I would sign up the first day because I am tired of paying for empty promises.

Sign me up and let's put them out of business

The corporate office.

 A target

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What I’ve learned, is that even Verizon customers are having trouble now with the 5G system updates. They are having the same issues.


So, for now, might as well stay with T-Mobile and have better prices and customer service.

If or when Verizon has less issues, then I will consider switching.

All of this is about RF propagation and that’s dependent on many things, basically where you are in relation to the transmitter source, obstructions, and how far away from it you are.  I was on Verizon for many years, same location and a few months ago something changed on their end.  Most of my phone calls were one sided at best and my 4G signal was down to an EDGE signal, I think the lowest until I got an X, no signal.  I called Verizon on a borrowed phone and they said all is good, you just need a more expensive plan and a new phone.  I didn't want to chance it, and I moved over to T-Mobile, and I will say for the last 2 weeks all is good here.  So far phone calls have been 100%, the free Moto 5 G5 works great, and I’m seeing decent 5G speeds on my unlimited plan for less money than my old Verizon 2 GB plan.  Radio propagation is a finicky mistress.

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i have TMO while the better half and kids have V..i can say any place they dont have signal i usually dont its the area..there are however many places i might not have the greatest of signal while they do...but its also vice versa...i can have killer speeds where they can barely make a call let alone pull anything up online..


heck at my work my speeds are usually double the speeds of ATT/V phones..and im in a warehouse surrounded by signal killing everything.


for giggles i just ran a speed test..


538Mbps down

37.8Mbps up

19ms ping.


this is while surrounded by tons of metal, concrete walls and wiring with 2 businesses blocking line of site to the tower im connecting to..


like any other carrier out there..they will have their good areas and their bad areas.

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Its taken a while here, but at my local area, T-Mobile LTE ‘before’ they updated the site was better than LTE is there now.

Note:  Indoors, I’m often on LTE 600 + LTE 66 + LTE 2 ≈ 120Mbps, before it was LTE B66 + B2 + B12, with 160Mbps, and up to 200.

Of course, if I’m outdoors, I’m hitting 5G and 400-700Mbps.

Home Internet ‘when placed ideally’ is typically +400Mbps, and this is much more reliable than when it was 4G LTE only, with much lower latency.

Note:  I’m only ~1200’ from the site, but its not a clean line of site (short).   For the price, I’m paying, I’m fine with it locally.  Rural areas … not always so much.

I’m a new customer, and after two months I’m done! HORRIBLE coverage. HORRIBLE. I’m ready to pay whatever fees I need to just to go back to my previous carrier. It was cheaper and I NEVER had the issues with coverage that I have with T-Mobile. 

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I’d recommend escalating through T-Mobile through their messaging and get a rep that isn’t just ‘Customer Care’, but someone from executive response (typically requires BBB complaint) - they’ll typically help get you ported, and ‘can’ waive device payments.