Are all 5g phones T-Mobile is currently selling compatible with the company's new "Standalone" 5g network?

  • 4 August 2020
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Today several tech news sites announced that T-Mobile marked the rollout of its “standalone” 5G network. This is apparently some change to the 5G network so that it no longer “piggybacks” off the company’s 4G LTE network. The articles all mention that TMO will be working with OnePlus, Qualcomm, and Samsung “to make sure compatible devices can access the standalone 5G network after a software update.” These companies are, however, not the only providers of 5G phones that TMO is currently selling. Should all 5G capable phones TMO is currently selling work with the standalone 5G network? (asking as a TMO customer who just bought an LG V60 5G and doesn’t want to be stuck with a phone that I’ll have to dump in a year)

5 replies

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5G is still data only, so calls are still routed over 4G VoLTE.  There is only two devices sold by T-Mobile that have the most 5G compatibility for now and the near future.  They are the LG V60 and the OnePlus 8 5G.  Buying any other 5G device right now will leave you without a lot of 5G bands that are in-use with T-Mobile currently.  


That 5G is currently data only explains what I read about TMO “piggybacking” 5G (data) on their 4G VoLTE (voice) network. The articles I read seem to suggest the “standalone” 5G network TMO unveiled yesterday is both voice & data. I guess if the V60 is the most 5G compatible for now, I’ll stick with it (am still in my return window). Thanks for the reply.

I saw that an update is coming to the T-Mobile Samsung S20 line for the standalone 5G, but what about unlocked versions?

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Expect it sooner than later.  XDA will have it posted once it is available just in case you aren’t in the first wave or two of OTA’s.  

I would like to know from T-Mobile too if all 5G phones will get this update such as the Samgsung A-51 the lowest priced 5G phone now.

I called tech support 2X and did not get a clear answer even what is required of the phone (specs) to get this software update.

I’m really only concerned about the 600 MHZ 5G stand alone that will be the game changer in coverage as the signal will go further than it could piggybacking on 4G LTE.

TM needs to be transparent on this so we don’t buy a 5G phone that is crippled. I would assume and hope since it is a software update all 5G phones could get it but I don’t know since the higher end ones One Plus and S-20 are the only ones that I know of that  have it now.

Hopefully we get some answers soon as they roll out the 5G standalone network but as of now this thread and a mention in a RV Mobile Internet support site are the only search results I see on this subject after many searches. Please correct me if I wrong on any of this and add your own research. Thanks