ASUS TM-AC1900 wifi broken, how can I get service?

  • 11 February 2017
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I purchased the ASUS TM-AC1900 device from the website as a standalone device only, not-attached to any T-mobile account. It has been a great router, until recently has been giving me problems.

Order #3163151330, Placed 11/23/2016, Delivered 12/02/2016

PROBLEM 1: the wifi (both 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz) on my device (ASUS TM-AC1900) has stopped functioning.

If my laptop or phone device is directly touching the router I have weak signal, and if I take it beyond 1 foot away from the device the signal is dropped. There is no problem for devices connected directly via cables. I have spoken both with T-mobile and ASUS technical support specialists who have taken me through the steps of rebooting/restoring my device to factory default a couple of times. We have tried other software adjustments as well, including changing channels and altering some of the advanced settings without any improvement. They have recommended that I have my device replaced under warranty.

PROBLEM 2: the device is no longer available in stock for replacement.

I spoke with online sales support for possible replacement but they said it was not possible because the device is no longer available in stock. The only option they offered me was refund, but I am not interested in that, so they directed me to technical support again for possible warranty service since the device is only a few months old.

PROBLEM 3: my order was not attached to a T-Mobile account so technical support unwilling/unable to do warranty service.

Because the device was purchased outright without an account, there is no attached T-Mobile account which apparently is a prerequisite for processing any sort of warranty service. Because they were unable to help me, they direct me to the device hardware manufacturer (ASUS) for warranty service.

PROBLEM 4: ASUS states this specific router can ONLY be serviced by T-Mobile.

After extended conversation with ASUS over the phone with multiple reps (ASUS case #N170213759) they ultimately told me: "Upon researching your case, we find that your router, manufactured to T-Mobiles specifications. The TM-AC1900, can only be serviced by T-Mobile."

I have spent hours between T-mobile and ASUS phone support and I only seem to get redirected to someone else, so hopefully someone here will be able to help me. Is there no way for me to get warranty service on this device? No one seems to be wanting to help me out here.

60 replies

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It's interesting that you bought a T-Mobile branded Asus RT-AC68U instead of a non-branded, considering the firmware is set up to give priority to T-Mobile wifi calling specifications and you are not a customer.  (Maybe the price was just awesome?)  However, there is apparently back stock available considering T-Mobile customers are still using the TM-AC1900 and replacing defective units.  That being said, it might only be available for T-Mobile customers.  In this case, I would surely take the refund and go buy a new router.

yes it was an awesome price at 60% off retail, so if I just take the refund I'd have to pay much much more. This is why I'm looking at a warranty replacement or repair. I was specifically being told though that there are no units available  to give me for replacement.

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I searched and searched my manual and box for warranty info, but all I could find was that it is the property of T-Mobile.  That leads me to believe that any current customer would have support for any issue.  But, with you not being a customer, I wonder if your box/packaging has anything different printed on it.  Did you have any documentation with your order disclosing warranty info?  Mine just came in a brown box via FedEx I believe and was pretty straight forward setup with no other documentation of warranty.

Thanks for pointing this out. I was looking through the manual and box as well and no mention of warranty actually. "Property of T-Mobile USA, Inc. Not for Resale." had no business selling the device outright then if it doesn't intend on offering any service or warranty for this device to non-Tmo customers.

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I was wondering why they sold it to you to begin with actually.

Believe me, I wonder that too 😊

If I cannot get help because the device isn't attached to any account, they shouldn't have let me purchase the device not attached to any account. I opted to purchase the device outright because it's a wireless router and these things usually just work without any problems (at least within typical 1 year warranty period).

I am still awaiting an answer. I have tried reaching out to T-mobile via social media but have been largely ignored so far.

Update: still not getting any help AND the refund option is not even being offered to me either!

just a quick update: still awaiting to hear back from T-mobile (via snail mail). I never did a response back btw from social media.

so the tentative answer to my question: I can NOT get any service.

3 weeks later from my prior post, still no response from T-mobile via any method! 😥

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Hi @mnagali!

I'm not sure why it has taken us so long to reply to your post but I sincerely apologize for that. I do see that we worked with you via Support Community a little while ago on this thread: ASUS TM-AC1900 - 5Ghz broken?. I know you mentioned near the middle of March that T-Force still hadn't responded. Any updates on that by chance?

if by T-Force you're referring to T-Mobile's Facebook messenger, then no I haven't gotten any replies.

Also, I'm not sure how long to expect a reply from T-mobile customer relations (only accessible via snail mail) but it has been 3 weeks almost 2 months since I mailed my letter to them and no response as of yet.

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@mnagali, I'm going to send you a PM shortly to get a little bit of contact info from you. I'll work with T-Force to see if we can get you taken care of ASAP!

Okay. hoping to get a conclusion to this. my problem is still unresolved at the present moment.

Hi mnagali,

I am going through the same issue that you are going thru.  I am getting the run around from both companies.  Please let me know if and how your issue is getting resolved, so that I may hopefully get my broken router issue resolved as well.  Tmobile shouldn't sell any items to non-customers if they don't plan to honor any warranty or refund to people that buy any products from them.  I am going to go to the BBB and complain if they don't resolve our issue.

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Hey, @kraz!

Currently, we recommend reaching out to T-Force via social media here. As of right now, the OP is having some issues getting in touch with T-Force but that's something that I'm working with T-Force and the OP with.

I messaged T-Force again but still not getting a reply? :/

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Boo! I'm taking another route to try to get this handled for you. I'll definitely keep you in the loop.

Hi Amanda,

I've reached out to T-Force, but they were of no help at all.  They basically told me the same jargon that i got from calling T-Mobile customer service. 

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Darn! Thank you for letting me know. I found a different route to go and am having a specialist look into this. I'm sending you a PM to collect more information from you so that can review your request as well. You can check your inbox here.

I am still awaiting a resolution at this time.

Did you get anywhere? I purchased one of these and I discovered their last firmware update broke upnp. I'll be posting my own inquiry, but just wondering how you made out. @mnagali

Nope, another agent from here requested additional information from me via direct message about my order & product, but then no further update in the past 2 weeks.

Thanks. I have no idea where to go for support other than posting a question here. I haven't found a webpage where you can check for or download firmware. Do you have an idea? I'm trying to revert to an older version that actually supports upnp as they broke it with the "most recent" one. Since I bought mine outright at least I have a few more options than you, but I'm crossing my fingers for you.

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Hi @sflesch & @mnagali

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