ASUS TM-AC1900 wifi broken, how can I get service?

  • 11 February 2017
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I would suggest filing a BBB complaint and maybe contacting the place you bought it from. If they stated there was a warranty, it should fall between T-Mobile (since they are fulfilling other warranties) and the seller.

I wonder if you placed a 2.4gHz device near the router.  Usually wireless telephones using 2.4gHz and microwaves can interfere with signals or do you have another router with the same frequency nearby?  Are you piggy backing the router from another router via Ethernet line?

I bought the router from Tmoible onlien directly, but they would not do the warranty since I don;t have T-mobile account, Being kick around between Tmoible and Asus, but none of them unwilling to the do warranty. This is frustrating,  If Tmoible do not want to fulfilling the warranty to non-cusotmer, why they sell it to public at first beginning. 

I am sure that the it is hardware problem.  There is no wireless telephone or microwave around,  It was working for a few weeks, and suddenly the wifi signal for both 2.4G and 5G HZ became almost non-exist over night, when nothing changed.


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Hey, York!

I'm sorry that you're getting the run around between us and ASUS as other users are. I'm going to send you a PM to gather more info so we can get this handled for you. You can check your inbox here.

I have replied back to you with required information, Thanks for your help, and hop it could be resolved  soon.

What about me? I'm getting the run around as well.

Hi Amanda, I am glad I have found this page and I guess it will be my last resource/hope for getting my replacement router.

Please let me know if you can help me as well. I am having the same wifi issue like mnagali, plus I am a T-mobile customer.

I've had multiple conversations today with both T-Mobile and ASUS customer service and tech support and each claim that the other side is responsible for providing warranty. (I should contact Asus because T-mobile is no longer selling the router....Asus can only provide technical support and I should reach out to T-mobile regarding warranty and replacement.....😕 😠 )

Looking forward to hearing back from you with good news 😊


Hi Amanda,

Would like to check any update on this? It has been almost 2 months after I provided the requirement information. No one contact me again and no update.

Would you please help checking...

I am in the same situation as OP. Purchased ASUS TM-AC1900 last Nov from Tmobile and the wifi just stopped working. I called Tmobile support and was getting the run around as well. On the phone for over an hour and got transferred 6 time. Nobody there has any clue. Please either provide warranty or issue refund. Thanks.

It is possible to fix this. I was SURE my wifi chip had burned out. Everything I tried failed. I couldn't 2.4ghz to work. Here's how I fixed it.

Search for FW_RT_AC68U_30043763626.trx and load it using the ASUS Recovery utility. This can be difficult so look online for various posts on how to use the ASUS recovery utility. This allows you to do an online update to the router firmware that should fix everything.

IMMEDIATELY after you set up the minimal to get internet access, check for upgrade. It should be able to find an upgrade from ASUS. Once it upgrades, turn off the router, hold the WPS button and turn the router on. Keep holding it until the power light flashes rapidly (about 10+ seconds). This will factory reset. Rebuild the router config from scratch, don't use an old saved config file. You should be back up and running.

I know this is too brief but I can't upload files and links are unreliable long term.