AT&T unlocked AC815S compatible with T-Mobile 4G LTE network?

  • 23 February 2021
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As the title says, will an unlocked AT&T AC815S work with a T-Mobile data plan on the T-Mobile network without any problems? Right now T-Mobile does not offer a reasonably priced hotspot with 802.11 ac/2.4.5GHz, and MIMO TS-9 ports for antenna’s. I am having to look elsewhere for hardware. Thanks for any help.

3 replies

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Yes, depending on the bands deployed where you intend to use it.  That device supports bands: 2, 4, 5, 12, 17, 29, and 30.  2, 4, and 12 are common for T-Mobile but 66 and 71 are two key bands missing. 

I have an unlocked AT&T AC815S and installed a new T-Mobile SIM Card but the AC815S will not connect to the T-Mobile network. the AC815S appears to try to connect and momentary show connections to “T-Mobile” and the blue LED flashes a few times then a message appears saying it disconnected. Besides the “T-Mobile” notice on the top of the display there is a “E” next to the “T-Mobile”. I interested in knowing about bands: 2,4,5,12 etc. what does that mean and how does one check to see what bands the AC815S is using? I really like using the AC815S hotspot and it worked great on the AT&T network but now that I switched to T-Mobile I would like to use AC815S hotspot on T-Mobile. Any insight or help getting the AC815S to work with the T-Mobile network would be greatly appreciated.  

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E usually stands for Edge.  By data plan.  Do you mean a specific data device plan or just a phone plan with data?  T-Mobile limits Hotspot data speeds for non-mobile traffic and VPN use by limiting the speeds to Edge connections or Edge speeds unless you are using their Home Internet, which only works with the modem T-Mobile offers.