Band 66 is popping up everywhere

  • 18 July 2019
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Not sure what band 66 is but u figured band 71 would show up first. All i have heard about was band 71 rollout but nothing about band 66. Anyone know what t-mobiles plan is for band 71. A tower near me (southeast nh) just switched to band 66 but really need 71 as i am on the outer edge of reliable band 12 coverage.. just curious

7 replies

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Hey, @drunder40​!

Welcome to our Support Community!  Band 66 helps operate our 4G LTE network. You can take a look at the different frequencies here. Can you be more specific about the area in NH you're referring to? A city name or zip code would work perfectly. 😊 I can take a look if there are any planned upgrades within the next 60 days in that area.

Hi Amanda.. my zip code is 03034. If you could let

Me know any dates that any upgrades are scheduled

That would be great. I am in the very edge of band 12.


Band 66 is just a superset of band 4, like band 12 is a superset of band 17. T-Mobile has actual AWS-3 spectrum licenses in fairly few, mostly rural areas. What is happening, in most cases is that what used to be band 4 is now hosting an MFBI for band 66, which the phone records in preference to band 4. In other words, in most places, it's just a change of labeling.

I don't think T-Mobile has any AWS-3 in Rockingham Co, NH, (or anywhere in New England for that matter) so what you are seeing is probably just a relabeling.

All of NH is covered by a T-Mobile band-12 license, so if they have not already extended low-band coverage to your area, I wouldn't hold my breath. They'll be very busy providing new band-71 service to areas lacking low-band coverage.

P.S. You can always file a trouble ticket to request coverage improvement but I still wouldn't hold my breath.


  I will wait on the trouble ticket to see if Amanda knows of any T-mobile upgrades in the 03034/Candia NH area..

I do appreciate the band 66 info..


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Thanks for getting back to me, @drunder40​! From checking the area, I don't see any tower upgrades happening in the area within the next 60 days.  Now knowing that, I'd recommend going the route that @drnewcomb2 mentioned -- he is super knowledgeable with network frequencies. 😊

Sounds good.. i will submit a ticket.. appreciate your help..