Bandwidth differences on different 5G device types

  • 22 October 2021
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Does anyone know if OnePlan users on 5G get full available bandwidth? I added Home Internet recently and testing side by side with Ookla Speed Test, bandwidth on the gateway is much higher that I get on my iPhone 12. Wondering if it’s the plan or the device type?


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3 replies

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Typical data speeds can vary depending on several reasons even in the same area. I wouldn’t imagine the speeds would be significantly different though. I’d check out that page for reasons you might see that.

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I'm on TMobile One, and I haven't had any issues with Max speeds (OnePlus 8), Home Internet is most likely set to prefer n41 5g, while most handsets will take whatever it seems is best or needed.  Chances are good a handset may be on n71 which is typically only 15MHz vs. up to 100MHz of 5g spectrum.


Thanks formercanuck. You were spot on. When I checked, the band in use on my phone was 71, while the home internet gateway was using 41. For the iPhone, this seems to be at least partially related to how recently low power mode was turned off. It seems that the phone initially connects to 71 immediately after turning off LPM, but eventually switches to 41 a few minutes later. Once that happens, speeds on the phone and gateway are essentially the same from the same location.