Bars decrease in the same location as the day goes by, only in one location, eventually no data.

  • 28 June 2022
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At the beginning of my day at my office, my S22 Ultra (same exact problem with previous phone, S21 Ultra) has 5GUC and has blazing fast speeds with four bars. This is at my desk. My desk does not move. My building is not mobile. As the day goes on, the “UC” from “5GUC” drops. Bars start dropping. Eventually I only have one bar and sometimes only 4G. The data speeds drop from blazing fast to no data connectivity. This issue does not seem to affect voice calls. 

This issue happens daily, and is consistent across two different phone models and multiple devices. 

I have spoken with customer support and they stated that there was some modernization being performed on the tower that I connect with in this location. That was several weeks ago. At some point the support tech made some unspecified change, remotely to my phone and the bars increased and the “5G UC” returned to my phone and so did the blazing fast speeds. That only lasted for a few hours and the issues returned. 

I don’t have time to sit on the phone with customer service all day because I’m at work. 

Does anyone have any advice?

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It would take a while … but, you can try to ‘band select’ on Samsung devices.

Personally, I’d recommend disabling 5G NSA n71 (can be done on S-21 and I’m sure S-22).

I suspect part of the problem is the amount of bands that T-Mobile has deployed, and which one is being ‘camped’ on .

If you are in California… you’ll have low band LTE B12/B71, mid band B2/25, B4/66, B41, and 5G n41 (midband) n71 (low band)

n71 doesn’t have much capacity in many areas, and brings down the overall performance.  Also, it isn’t on every tower.

If you can … disable n71 NSA to start.

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To be totally honest with you, because nothing changes on your side but the service steadily declines, it sounds like the issue does have to do with the traffic on the tower throughout the day. When you first get to work, not as many people are there yet. As the day progresses, more people show up and ramp up their overall usage causing congestion just like you would see on a highway in rush hour traffic. 

I am surprised that the experience is so drastically different and it leads to no data at all. We would love to get more specifics about the situation so it can be further addressed by our engineering team. If you reach out to us by phone, message us in the T-Mobile app/, or engage on Facebook or Twitter, our amazing experts would be able to file a ticket for your account with the details you can provide to get the right attention to it.