Call drops since Sprint/T-Mobile merger

  • 7 November 2021
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I have been with T-Mobile since 2017.  I was with Sprint and refused to go back due to Sprint’s horrible service.  I have known T-Mobile to be reliable and this was evident after Hurricane Michael took out my town.  I had service while others on the different networks did not.  However, something happened after the merger.  Last Thursday, 4 November, during a phone interview, my calls where dropped and this happened 10X.  On the day that I need T-Mobile to be the most reliable is the day that T-Mobile failed to provide.  I had full bars, LTE, and in a wide open space with no obstruction but could not hold a solid connection while I was on a job interview.  Like I said, never had this issue before.  At the same location I had my interview, I held teleconferences for hours and not one drop; none until after the merger on a very IMPORTANT day.  Thanks T-Mobile.   

2 replies

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I also left from Sprint due to their horrible customer service. I was so happy when finally switched from Sprint to T-Mobile. T-Mobile was awesome!! From their service to customer service, technical support, billing wasn’t a problem and T-Mobile reps followed up. What happened since T-Mobile’s merger with Sprint? It’s like DeJaVu all over again, poor service and customer service, dropped calls, text not working properly-messages did not go through, billing issues, no internet connection, two or no bars everywhere, my calls are always directed to overseas reps in Philippines every single time I call 611, having to repeat the same issue repeatedly, never resolving any issues, no follow up nor follow through on cases, complaints or issues. What was once received at Sprint is now being received with T-Mobile since merger. Asking the same questions? What is going on T-Mobile? 

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Yeah - I’ve dealt with both overseas and domestic where its a repeated script following that starts over the whole process.. that has never been completed for … years.