Callers can't hear me!!

Most of the calls, the callers can NOT hear me BUT, most of the time I can hear them.
Also, when I callback, again they can NOT hear me.

VOIP calls are perfect, with voice crystal on both sides!


The device is Lenovo K6 Power and the device is good, as it was working fine with earlier telecom service!

So, what is happening here?


Please help!


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I am having the same problem with my LG V30.  It's random and doesn't always have the problem. I just got my phone 3 days ago. I never had this problem with my other phone which was a samsung.  Not sure if the issue is with the phone or in the area.

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Hey @magenta4819046

I just replied to you here Re: I make a call but they can't hear me although i can hear them

I am having the same problems outdoors as well and in different areas. I believe its my microphone on my phone. I will be taking the phone back for an exchange.

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Well that is interesting. With the way it was behaving, I wouldn't think it to be a hard ware issue. How long ago did you get your phone? Did you get it a at T-Mobile store?

I just got it 5 days ago. Online via


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Oh okay! In that case, we would need to set up a buyers remorse exchange. You can go to the store and purchase another phone and send back your current one within the 20 day time frame or you can contact us and we can send you out the replacement.

Ok, will do that, thanks.

I’m having this same issue! I went in and had my SIM card changed, nothing was fixed. I’m using an iPhone 8 Plus.

Calls work perfectly using FaceTime Audio. But when i call or someone calls me, they either can’t hear me or hear tech/static sounds.

Recently, no one can hear me at all.

What can we do about this?

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Is your phone still under warranty?  If it has been less than a year since you purchased the phone, you should still be covered under Apple's manufacturer warranty and you can take your device to an Apple store and have them take a peek.  They will either repair or replace the device as long as there is no physical damage or moisture exposure.  If it is beyond a year, and you have insurance on the phone (which includes an extended warranty) you can look at getting a replacement through T-Mobile, but they will likely want you to perform some troubleshooting that may include a full backup and restore of the phone before an exchange can be performed.

It took me a long time to figure this out - but the issue was the "VoLTE" setting in "Mobile Data".  Every call I would receive would basically act like two calls.  And because of that, callers couldnt hear me, and the number pad in calls wouldnt work.  There was also huge lag answering and hanging up on calls.  After clicking "Accept" in the banner when a call came in, i would then be presented with the swipe up or down option for accepting the same call - even though the call was already received.

In any case - turning off VoLTE fixed the problem.

I’m definitely having this same issue (among others).   I have a Moto G7 that was purchased in September 2019.   I already have issues where I can’t take a call in the basement because sound quality on both ends are terrible.   But in the last month I’ve run into situations where I can hear the caller loud and clear but when I attempt to respond they say they can’t hear me.   I try to move around to see if it helps and it’s hit or miss.

I notice too when I talk to my Dad (who also has a T-Mobile phone), both of us have issues with hearing each other.   I’ll notice on my end that the sound goes in and out.   

I did read in the thread about a SIM card replacement.   I may have to try that but am open to other suggestions.   

I bought a new Xiaomi 10 pro, I am having the same problem!!!! I find for xiao mi 10 pro . input *#*#86583#*#*. you can see “Volte carrier check was disabled” then you can enable and disable volte. It should be helpful!~


Hey did this issue get fixed, I am having this same issue it is not the device as it is happening with all my family that is on the same t-mobile plan and we all have different types of phones, I also have two co-workers that have t-mobile and have the same issue some times rebooting the phones fixes it sometimes not.


I’m having the same issue. I can hear people just fine but they can’t hear me. Sometimes I can have 5 minutes with a signal and all is good. Then loose the ability for others to hear me. Other times it’s like this all the time. 
 Samsung 9 upgraded to Samsung 21. Also have an iPhone 11 Pro. All have this issue. It started about 6 months ago seems to be related to the tower in my area. When I go out of town there is no issues.

Has there been any resolution on this issue?

Obviously this isn’t a device issue as all of these posters have a different device. I’m having the same issue. It happened last year for about 6 months and suddenly stopped and now it’s started again. I have a Pixel 6.