Calls go directly to voicemail and don't show up in call history to block

  • 27 August 2019
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I am a long-time T-Mobile customer. In July I replaced my T-Mobile Note 4 with a new T-Mobile OnePlus Pro 7, which I purchased at the T-Mobile store. Ever since, I have had scam calls (about the only kind I get) go straight to voicemail, and--worst of all--the number they are calling from does NOT SHOW UP IN MY CALL HISTORY, so I can't even block them!! I just have to keep listening to the voicemails about student loans and then delete them. It's getting old fast. I never use Wi-Fi, so that can't be the problem. I get all bars with 4G LTE, so it shouldn't be a connection problem with the tower. It happens no matter where I am in any event. I wouldn't mind so much if I could just block the calls, but because the calls don't show up in my call history, I have nothing to tap and block. HELP!




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It sounds like they might not be actually calling and exploiting the voicemail service through directly message delivery.

So how do I stop that? That never happened with my Note 4.

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I don't think you can.  They access the system through another number potentially.  Even if it was an incoming call, which seems unlikely and more of a coincidence when you switched phones.  The incoming call should be picked up by the system. 

Are you telling me that someone can get into my phone and leave

voicemail messages without ever calling me--and I can do NOTHING about

it? I can't block them? I can't prevent them direct access to my

voicemail? I have to call my voicemail and delete each of these

messages daily without T-Mobile being able to do anything about it? I

just can't believe that.

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Voicemail is an add-on feature and has nothing to do with your device.  It is attached to your account.  The voicemail system can be accessed without the need to call a specific mailbox, which can then be entered to directly access and check your messages or to just leave a message.  Without any incoming call, unless you have blocked the number calling already, which would send the caller directly to your voicemail.  The messages being left directly through the system seems more than likely. 

I understand that it has nothing to do with my phone. But T-Mobile has

the power to block direct-to-voicemail messages because I am using

T-Mobile voicemail. As recommended in the article linked below, I

hereby request that T-Mobile block "direct-to-voicemail“ messages to

my phone number from your end. Thank you.

Deborah Geier

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Very few people here work for T-Mobile.  Those that do, have that mentioned in a signature attached to their posts.

Asking for direct messaging to be blocked is something you will have to call T-Mobile Support about.  Whether or not that is possible, they should be able to tell you and also investigate the messages as well. 

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Hey @harrypotter1

As unfortunate as it is, @syaoran​ is right. If these spammers are doing this by depositing the VM through the voicemail system, there is not currently a way to block them. We do appreciate your feedback on this and will make sure that it is heard.

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Would turning on Spam Blocking (through his account on this phone 😵 help block these messages? I never get these and I was wondering if that's the reason?

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It depends on how they are reaching the voicemail system.  If they are calling them but it isn't raining or leaving a call log.  The number is already blocked on the device.  If the slammer is dialing into the voicemail system through, then keying in the number of a recipient to leave them spam messages, then sadly, there isn't any way the spam blocking can stop that because it isn't a part of the voicemail system. 

I haven't ever received that type of spam with T-Mobile but I have experienced this issue with a previous provider.  The only solution, which isn't a solution, is to deactivate voicemail for that number.  Preventing a robo caller from using the voicemail system would require the voicemail system to not allow outside access, which would make it impossible to check your messages if your device was lost, stolen, or broken, at least until you regained access with your SIM.

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I've had number that I blocked that still were able t leave voicemail.

The number doesn't show up in the call history just a vm notification pops up .

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That is pretty much how all blocking on devices work and have for a while.  If the block was carrier side, the call wouldn't complete at all. 

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So does anyone have ANY ideas to alleviate @harrypotter1 's problem? This sounds extremely annoying. 😮 Imagine having to sift through 50 voicemails just to find 5 or 6 from friends & family!

There has GOT to be SOME WAY T-mobile voicemail service can allow their customers to block anyone from accessing our private voicemail boxes unless their number is recorded!!! This is a real problem and is causing so much confusion related to potential business calls. PLEASE let us know when that is available.

Did this get resolved on T-Mobiles end? If so what is the solution this is happening to me over and over on my S9. 

If there is no solution through T-Mobile which I find surprising and frightening. Why can't we block voicemails? What if I have a court order saying I am not to be contacted by a person then can I block a voicemail does T-Mobile be required to uphold state laws with no contact orders? If they're able to do that they can do it for everyone please fix this now It puts some of us in very dangerous situations and for others as you can imagine is extremely annoying Do we have an option not to use T-Mobile voicemail to have that completely cut off of our account?

This happens to me a lot, and it’s a major hassle.
Today’s phoney claimed that they are getting back to me about a loan i requested for my business. “We talked earlier”.
I have never applied for a a loan, don’t have a business, and telling me we talked earlier is borderline gaslighting, which is a subtle way of having the upper hand by seeming to have memory superior to the person you’re talking to. Insidious.

Prevention starts with not giving your phone number to ANYONE you don’t know, or to a company that could conceivably sell your info (which they must promise explicitly).

Never answer a number you don’t recognize. If you’re near a computer, google the phone number with no punctuation. If it’s a legit listed number, it should show up.

As for not being able to block the number, your phone won’t show the number, but the voicemail itself shows a number. Make a new contact using that number, and name it something. I usually call them “Scam” plus the date. Today’s is called “Scam 21 0901”.
Writing the date that way allows all of the contacts with names that start with Scam to be in chronological order starting with the most recent.
Then block the new contact.

I’m trying this today, and if it doesn’t work, and i get the same obnoxious recording, i’ll post here about it.

I get at least one call a day that doesn't ring and goes directly into my voicemail, always from some tax collection service company (they're not valid as I checked with the authorities). I can't block them from my call list because they don't show up. I go to visual voicemail, select send them a message, then copy the phone number, then go to the phone app. Select the three dots and select settings, then select Block Numbers, then paste the copied number and add it to blocked numbers. It works for that specific number, but they continue to leave messages using different numbers. Should be a way to stop them. 

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Sounds like you're getting no ring voicemail: 


AFAIK, there's no way to block this at the network level. 

Voice calls go directly to voice mail instead of ringing the phone.  How doI get calls to ring w/o going to voice mail?