Calls going straight to Voice Mail

  • 28 February 2018
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All the calls on my phone goes to Voice Mail . It happens when I am at home


Best answer by tmo_chris 18 July 2018, 21:01

Hey folks! Super glad switching to GSM is helping but we want you all to be able to take advantage of our awesome LTE network. This is definitely a fixable issue but we will need to open up service tickets so our engineers can dig into the LTE in your areas. Please contact us when you have a moment.

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87 replies

I am having the same issue. I'm using an unlocked At&t LG V10. I've been on the phone with tech support/customer care since yesterday yet nothing. It's happening to me everywhere and anywhere.

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When you are at home are you connected to the network or to wifi? What is the service like at home?

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Are you able to place calls normally? Have you insured APN settings are set up correctly?

Yes, I can place calls normally. I've talked to T-Mo Support and tried the APN settings over and over again. Still nothing.

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Hey @vjoshi2822 

Are you still having this issue?

@malouk - Typically the APN settings are going to impact data services. For the issue with calls going straight to Voicemail, our tech support team should have opened up a trouble ticket for you. Do you know if they did that? Also, do you know anyone with a T-Mobile phone you can try your SIM card in to see if the issue persists?

I tried the sim card in a different T-Mobile phone and it worked fine. It appears to be my phone. However, not being able to talk and surf has to be a network issue. They did open a ticket and some1 called today ☝but I missed the call. Message says to make sure phone is on LTE. T-Mobile LTE is the operator that was chosen but the issue persist.

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I am able to sure the web while on the phone so I think that is also a device issue. The phone I use is a GS8 and it has worked with every phone that I have ever had on the T-mobile network.

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Thanks for trying that. Definitely a setting in the phone at this point. I apologize for the confusion. You stated that you were having the same issue as the OP which was calls going to voicemail so I was unaware that the issue was about not being able to browse the web and talk on the phone at the same time.

When you are on a call, do you notice what network you are connected to? Do you still see the LTE next to the signal bars?

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Hey there!

Just wanted to check in on the questions Chris asked! Are you able to see what network you are connected to, and do you see "LTE" next to the signal bars?



Yes and yes.



When I'm on a call, it does show 'T-Mobile' but '4G LTE' goes away as soon as the call is connected while still showing full bars.

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I am not sure if the AT&T version has this but can you try following these settings?

  1. From any home screen, tap Phone.
  2. Tap Menu > Call settings.
  3. Tap VoLTE to turn on

Thanks Chris but no, it doesn't.

I plan on buying the Galaxy S9 T-Mobile version soon for I've realized this issue will never be resolved. Thanks for help.

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Well that is unfortunate 😥 The GS9 is a great phone and since we confirmed the issue does not occur in T-Mobile branded handsets, we know the issue is not with the SIM card or your account provisioning.

Well, I downloaded T-Mobile Digits and set it up to use Data only even then calls still don't come through. Once in a while one or two will get through. It used to notify me of missed calls but now it stopped and only sometimes it sends missed call notifications. At this point, it's hard to tell if it's the device or account provisions because of even Digits can't fully come through. I just hope I don't have the same issues or similar ones with the S9 when I receive it.


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I am actually a bit confused now. You are able to receive calls correct? The issue you are having is that you cannot use data services while on a voice call right? If so, are you able to use data when you are not on a voice call?

No. I was and still am able to make calls.

My issues were I couldn't receive calls (callers would hear the phone rings then goes to voicemail) but my phone would never ring.

I downloaded DIGITS and began to receive calls on there. That was ok with me until that stopped working as well. Sometimes a call would come through but 98% of time they do not. Both my phone and DIGITS however do notify me now that I have a voicemail (whether callers leave one or not) but still my phone never rings. I now have to call people back each time they call and I see a voicemail notification.

DIGITS worked fine for a day or two so I don't know it just quit ringing cold turkey. I put my SIM in a different phone and DIGITS does the same thing. That's why I believe the issue is most likely with my account provision. Yes, I still can't talk and surf because LTE goes away as soon as I make a call.

I called tech support enough times with no solutions that I just give up because I'm just going in circle.

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I am so sorry about that 😥  Not receiving 100% of your calls is a huge problem. When you put your SIM in another phone to test with DIGITS, did you test the regular calling functions to see if you could receive calls?

Yes, and it's the same issues. Exact same.

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Oh man. 😥

If you put your SIM in another device and attempt to receive calls WITHOUT the DIGITs app, is it more of the same as well?


When I put it in a Tmobile phone, no. When I put it in another non-Tmobile (unlocked AT&T Note 3) it does the same thing it's doing with my AT&T unlocked LG V10.

Is it possible that it does that because my IMEI # has not been added in your database?

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Thanks for clarifying! It is definitely a phone issue then if everything works when the SIM is in a T-Mobile phone. Can you try placing your LG V10 into 2G only mode and seeing if you are able to receive calls?

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Just wanted to check in and see if you were able to receive calls in 2G only mode!


There was no option just to leave it on 2G. At least I couldn't find it. It's ok I received my S9+ and everything  is working great so far. Thanks for the help and please close this thread.

I've had similar issues and it turned out to be unlocked phones just didn't work as well for me. The worst for me were unlocked Verizon phones. I checked changed and updated the apn etc and the phones were hit or miss. Once I got a TMobile branded phone everything was fine.

I liked my unlocked phones but everything is much better now with a TMobile phone.