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  • 28 February 2018
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Both my wife & I have problems with calls going periodically to voicemail when the phone doesn't even ring.  This happens sometimes when I'm speaking on the phone (no indication that another call is coming in) and sometimes when the phone is just sitting beside me in standby mode.  We both have T-Mobile phones; hers is an iPhone 6, mine is a Samsung GS5.  It's been happening more since about March 2018.

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That is a very long time to be having this issue! Does it seem to happen more often when you are in a specific area like when you are in your home or have you also noticed this when you are out and about? When this happens, how many bars of signal do you have on your phone?

Thank you for jumping in here, Chris.  It doesn't seem to be location-specific; it happens both at home and work and possibly other places.  I have 5 bars at home and 4 at work.  I can think of 2 other issues I'm having which I'll mention in case they might be related to this: 

  1. Lately, my bluetooth headset will cut out for a few seconds in the middle of a phone conversation.  I hear something like, "Bluetooth signal lost", then, a few seconds later, "Connected".   This happens about once out of every 10 calls, sometimes 2 or even 3 times on one call.
  2. When charging the phone, it will sometimes make a 2-tone notification indicating that the charging has stopped, as if I had unplugged it.  Within 5 seconds I hear the notification again and the charging starts again.

This msg pertains to my Samsung S5; I'm not sure of the details for the iPhone 6.

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Interesting, the problems you are describing sound more like issues with the phone itself than with the network like the OP reported specifically the interrupted charging and Bluetooth connection loss. The calls going to voicemail could still be network related as it is happening on a couple phones but that becomes less of a focus if it's happening in multiple areas.

To really be certain, we need to see if this is something that happens more frequently when you are in a specific area or if there is an area that it has never happened. Knowing this would really help us narrow down the issue to equipment or network.

as for the charging and Bluetooth issues, we would want to try alternate device like another charger or headset to see if the issue persists to see if the issue is with the phone or the charger/headset.


I have a TMobile LG G2 and calls from area code 630 (Illinois) go to voice mail directly without my phone ever ring.  This happens when I am at home and have full bars. I do not see the number in the call log so the only way I would know I missed  a call is for the caller to leave me a voice message (not everyone does).  Appreciate any help.

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That is super strange @magenta5054697​! We will want to take a closer look at what specifically is on the network side if it is only happening from specific numbers. Please contact us when you have a moment so our tech teams can dig into this deeper.

I am also having the same issue for at least the last week.  I am in Lynnwood, WA, north of Seattle.  My phone seems to ring just fine for robocalls and solicitors, but calls from real people don't ring and they don't register as missed calls.  I've missed calls from both 509 (Eastern WA) and 503 (Portland and Salem, OR) in the last week.  Those are the ones I know about at least since they left voicemails and I will got the audible notification of the message about 10 minutes from the time stamp on the call.  Text messages and Messenger app messages seem to be fine. 

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That is super strange @snyderjt​! Does it seem to happen 100% of the time with the same number or will they sometime ring through? 

Hi Chris,

I went to networks->connectivity->Tethering & Networks->Mobile Networks-> Network Mode ->  and switched from GSM/WCDMA/LTE auto to "GSM ONLY" mode.  Since then I have not noticed any message to go directly to voice mail (at least no body has left me a message to say I missed our call).  Obviously this is not ideal but I do not have to keep apologizing to customers.  I do not know why it makes a difference if the issue is 100% or 90%.  Please give us a clue as to what T-Mobile so far has found to be the root cause.


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If the calls are behaving like this on specific network frequencies, the issue is most likely network related especially since it is not 100% of your calls. We would need to gather some examples from you and get a support ticket opened with our engineers to really dig into this with you. Please contact us when you have a moment.

It is frequent, but maybe 50-60% now.  My mother called me from her home number 3 times and her cell 1 times in the last 3 days.  2 of the home phone never rang and I only got the VM notice about 15 min later.  The other 2 calls rang through

Not sure if it is related, but I also have another problem that seems much discussed, but not resolved in quite some time.

I have a ZTE Zmax that used to be just dandy for WiFi calling but now it's a total failure at such.  I have constant Er081, er082, Reg99 errors and cannot connect to WiFi calling anywhere at anytime.  My work office is a bit of a dead zone so some of those no call but VM later may be due to that and the WiFi calling failing.  Judging from the comments, and the political and economic woes surrounding ZTE, I suspect it's the phone itself not being well supported or updated.

Totally sucks since I am out of the country and supposed to have a phone interview On Thursday morning (Manila Time) and without WiFi calling I will have to pay, but without my phone ringing at all for so many calls....well, suck to be me with this particular phone at the moment.

I have been having this problem as well since February/March.

Only happens when I am under Wi-Fi (at work or at home but then again those two places are where I spend 99% of my time). Callers have told me the line rings TWICE then goes to voicemail. I get NO notification of a call. I also don’t get any texts during this “blackout” period. When the blackout does end, I get notifications of voicemails and text message then come in. This is the same issue with the other line on my t-mobile account. I have tried using three different phones, same issue with all of them.

I have been dealing with tech support for the past two days. They sent me a signal booster at home which I knew wouldn’t work (because prior to February/March I had no issues) but I guess T-Mobile wants to feel like they’re “contributing” so they sent me one anyway.

If this issue isn’t resolved soon, I will switch to another provider for sure.

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@snyderjt - With the indeterminacy of this issue, we are going to want to get this in front of our engineers to further investigate. As for the Wi-Fi calling errors, do you happen to have another T-Mobile Wi-Fi calling enabled device we can test your SIM card in to see of the issues persists?

@hungryhippos - For the issues you are having with calls and messages, you said this only happens when you are connected to Wi-Fi. Are you only connected to Wi-Fi or are you also enabling Wi-Fi calling? If this is Wi-Fi calling, what kind of phone do you have and have you had the chance to see if the issue persists while connecting to a different Wi-Fi network?

No, I am not using Wi-FI calling.

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So this is only when you have your phone connected to a Wi-Fi network? That is super strange. What kind of phone do you have and what kind of troubleshooting have you done with our tech folks already?

I have had this problem with: BlackBerry Passport, Motorola MotoX, and Huawei Honor6x.

I spend at least 90% of my time under Wi-Fi so it's tough to tell if it only happens under Wi-Fi. Keep in mind, I only find out about the problem if someone leaves me a voicemail and/or I receive back to back text messages.

However, what I have noticed is, when I leave a Wi-Fi area to a non Wi-FI area (i.e leaving work to go to lunch), the moment I step out- I get notifications of voicemails and/or texts coming in back to back (indicating delayed deliveries).

Also, for the last three nights, I have been missing texts and calls from 4am-4:30am. However, when I wake up around 4:45 and look at my phone, I shortly start to receive all the missed texts and voicemails. It is almost like I have to "wake up" the network I get in my phone and open a random app or open the browser.

The only troubleshooting that was done was for the signal booster. We had set up a time to do something during work hours but it was tough to complete because I have to be on another phone and it's tough for me to do that during work hours (understandably). However, keep in mind that NO ONE from customer service or tech service has followed up with me about it even though I had opened the ticket several months ago.

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Thanks for clarifying. Are you able to do a few test calls so we can really tell if this issue is specific to Wi-Fi? Like, can you place a few test calls to your phone while it is not on Wi-Fi and see if the phone rings then connect your phone to Wi-Fi while in the same location and see if the calls fail to ring through to your phone?

Sure, I can try this next. I already have a video of it NOT working even when my phone was on and fully functioning and with full signal. I will report back.

Confirmed that when on Wi-Fi, calls/texts do not get dropped.

Sorry, correction about above- when NOT on Wi-FI, calls/texts do not get dropped.

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Okay so this is definitely specific to Wi-Fi calling. At this point, we would still actually need to get a support ticket opened for this issue. If you have a moment, please contact us so our tech care folks can get the ball rolling.

But I don't have Wi-Fi calling turned phone isn't even capable of it. It's okay though because I will be switching my provider. Having this issue for three months is unacceptable. T-Mobile has completely let me down after years of patronage.

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We would be very sad to lose you @hungryhippos​. I apologize but I guess I misunderstood you when you said that you do not have this issue when your device was not connected to Wi-Fi and assumed that the issue had to do with Wi-Fi calling. Do you know anyone that has a T-Mobile branded phone that you can try your SIM card in to see if the issue persists?

I have been experiencing the same issue, but it is inconsistent. I have a Pixel 2 XL bought from Google.

It has happened to me several times and again just this morning. It may have happened more, but I wouldn't know since I don't get notified of missed calls.

This morning the person trying to call me walked into my office and asked me why my phone was going straight to email, which is how I found out there was an issue. He was calling from a cell phone. I tried to call from my office phone to see if it would go straight to voicemail, but it actually rang. So, I had him call me again with his cell phone while standing right next to me and my phone and, sure enough, it went straight to voicemail for him and I never received any indication that he called.

Not sure what is going on, but I would argue that this doesn't appear to be a phone issue because it is happening on lots of different phones. That makes me believe it is more of a T Mobile issue. And it is very frustrating.