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  • 28 February 2018
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I have the same problem. I'm not receiving calls and I'm sick of T-Mobile saying it's a a phone problem. I have friends that have same issues. T-Mobile get to work and fix it or I'm going to leave you.

Thank you.

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@pawn & @anecky

Is this only happening when you have your Wi-Fi enabled on your phones?

In general, I have WiFi enabled on my phone, so that is likely the case. I don't generally turn off my WiFi regularly. I can say for sure I was connected to WiFi yesterday when it happened. But since it leaves no trace when it happens, it is hard to say if it happens only with WiFi enabled. I'll try to recreate it, but ultimately this is hit or miss since it doesn't happen all of the time. In the past when I've run into this issue, I just rebooted my phone and it seems to start working.

It doesn't matter if wifi is on or off. My friends call me on the land line and tell me that my calls go straight to voice mail and than I restart my phone and it works again. I have to restart my phone at least 3 times a day. This started happening in April.

Came to the support forums to research this very question, and darned if it isn't in the top 10 in the Network and Coverage section.  We're using unlocked LG G5s and have had a CellSpot V1 installed in our home since last September.  Everything worked fine up until about March as well when we starting seeing about 50% of our calls go straight to voicemail with nary a peep from the phone.

I called tech support Tuesday after my alarm company couldn't reach me to confirm an alarm system glitch, which resulted in them calling the local PD.  Tech support recommended switching to a TMUS branded phone as the solution.  Not sure I agree since the problem is fairly recent, and both the CellSpot and our phones support bands 2 and 4.

Like you, if I can't count on reliable service, I think I'm going to have to consider another provider.  That would be a shame since prior to this voicemail/no-ring problem we were very pleased with the service and the extra TMUS perks.

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@pawn @anecky and @pj1983

I know this is a super weird issue and a very frustrating one at that. For this specific issue, we really do need to have our engineers look at the logs to see what happened when the tower tried to ping your SIM/device. I know it is hard to get the specifics as it is intermittent and and you really have no idea till after it has happened.

What you will need to do is try to re create this issue with purposeful testing. If you notice the problem happening, have your friend or family member call you several times and make note of the exact times they called and what happened as well as their numbers. Once you have 2-3 of these examples, please contact us ASAP so that our over the phone tech support folks can gather the details and get it in front of our engineers for review. They will be able to see exactly what happened if they have exact logs and will be able to determine the next steps.

Well, I do know the precise time of this last occurence that I was describing, so I can give you that. In this particular occurence, the person tried to call me multiple times and it went to voicemail, walked into my office and complained about it, which caused me to test it via the office phone where the call went through successfully, followed immediately by him trying to call me again from his phone where it went directly to voicemail. That's currently the only example I have. I'll try to create more.

I just called in and talked with someone about my specific instance. He seemed to think it was related to scam blocking, so he had me disable that. I am doubtful, since I normally receive calls from this person and after rebooting my phone after this instance occured I was able to receive calls from this person. Regardless, I'll leave scam blocking disabled for now and see if I can ever catch it happening again, since this will eliminate another variable.

One data point:  I attempted three calls to my wife (non-cell number) at 1312-1313EDT (1712-1713Z) this afternoon.  The first two calls failed with a "No mobile network available" message, with the network indicator showing at least three bars.  She returned my call at 1321EDT (1721Z) this afternoon and it went straight to voicemail without ringing the phone.  The voicemail notification came in approximately 10 minutes later.  The failed calls all took place within my home served by a 4GLTE CellSpot V1. 

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Please contact us with this information @pj1983 so that our tech care folks can get the specifics without you having to post them publicly.

I just did the voicemail dance again this morning, and as directed I called the tech support line to provide details of the latest events.  After going over the history of the problem from day one, blowing away my phone's network configuration, and an hour of "testing" I'm no better off than before.

Is there a tier-2 engineer that can contact me directly to do some real troubleshooting instead of reading off a script?

I went through this for two months. It was useless. A whole lot of "o we are so sorry you are going through this" and "I would be really upset too if this happened to me" but no technical help whatsoever. All of our issues seem to have started around the same exact time period (March/April) so clearly it's not us. I am switching to Verizon prepaid after this month.

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@pj1983 & @hungryhippos

The only way to truly get this issue resolved is with an engineering service request as the call details are going to need to be reviewed to see where the problem occurred. I sincerely apologize that your calls to us have not fully resolved the issue but we do truly want to resolve this for you. After the troubleshooting, were either of you instructed to call us back if the issue persisted?

We never got that far with my troubleshooting call.  The rep had me change some settings on my phone with no effect.  We got disconnected three times -- I was calling from my home landline -- and to his credit, the rep called back a couple of times.  He didn't call back after the third disconnect, but by that time I was too tired/frustrated to keep going.

In the past three days, I think I've had 20% of calls at my home (incoming or outgoing) successfully connect.  The rest have gone directly to voicemail, and the voicemail notifications have been delayed anywhere from a minute to 20 minutes.

What are the magic words I need to use when I call so I can speak directly to someone who can enter an "engineering service request" instead of a normal trouble ticket?  BTW, I still don't know what the original trouble ticket number(s) are.

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Engineering service requests and trouble tickets are actually the same thing. There are no magic words you need to say as our workflow would lead the agent to a ticket in this scenario. Since it sounds like you already have tickets created for this issue, we can use those to escalate this concern. We cant see your account here on the community forum but if you contact us, our tech support folks can see the history of these tickets and escalate them for you.

Hello Chris, my wife just got a Oneplus 6 phone. Everything appears to work except that her calls to me (also a TM line) have always routed to my voicemail. When we switched the sim back to her old phone, it worked fine. She doesn't have any problems receiving my calls. I don't have any problems receiving other people calls, except her.

TM customer service told us to talk to Oneplus. Oneplus asked us to ask TM to do something with SMCS number for her. by the way, the phone is unlocked.

Any ideas?

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Not gonna lie @magenta5470022​, that kinda blew my mind. I have never seen a call routing problem specific to a device. Typically the issue is with the receiving party having some sort of blocking either on the device or the network side to stop calls from a specific number. Since it works from another device, there is nothing wrong on the network side. I am not actually even sure where to start with her OnePlus 6 phone troubleshooting wise. Has she tried dialing your number manually instead of out of the contact list? Are there any other numbers she calls that do the same thing?

I have been having very similar issues for the past few months when I try to reach my teenagers at home.  We were formerly contracted with Verizon.  Two of them have IPhone 5C's and one has an iPhone 5S.  It is inconsistent, but pretty similar to what is happening with others.  I believe it only happens when they are at home on WiFi, but it is not 100% of the time.  Until we switched to Tmobile, we did not have this problem.  I have looked at their settings and can find nothing to indicate what might be causing this.  They do not receive notifications of any missed calls either. A trouble ticket has not been submitted since I am at work during the day when I try to reach them, (and therefore unable to give specifics to a helpline), and it isn't a consistent problem.

I went to T-Mobile store and they did some changes on my phone. It worked for one day and now back to same problem. Calls going to voicemail. This is very enjoying. Today my husband said he has the same problem. Please do something about it. It is obvious that something is wrong there are so many people with same problem.

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@foxirox and @anecky 

We can definitely get to the bottom of these issues for you. We will need to gather some specific examples of these failures and open up a support ticket with our engineers. Please contact us when you have a moment so we can get the ball rolling on this. If calling our over the phone support folks is not an option, you can use the Facebook or Twitter links in my signature to message out T-Force team at your convenience. They will be able to pull up your account securely and collect the needed information. 

Chris I called so many times and they walking me thru standard procedure. Last time I called they sent me to T-Mobile store to get a new sim card but the guy at T-Mobile said it's not necessary.

This may come as a shock, and it may not be the complete answer.  I switched from AT&T, and it has been nerve wracking to say the least, what with no signal, to calls never received or logged but going straight to voicemail and voicemails left but never received, delays in receiving texts.  After several hours of painstaking investigation and trial and errors, I've come to two conclusions.  1. There is no correct answer to solving what everyone here has experienced.  2. ZTE has issues.  I turned it off.  And while this did not solve all the signal drops, delays, missed calls, it did increase my signal strength and did reduce all of the aforementioned.  Did this for my wife and it helped her. With ZTE as the first preference it constantly tries to find it even though, and this is the predominant issue, even though ZTE may be available in the area and is picked up due to the constant search by the phone, the ZTE signal may not be strong enough to do its duties.  So essentially you have a phone that found ZTE and is using it and disregards the other GSM signals out there that are probably stronger.  I'm not an expert, somebody will probably say "bullshirt" to my response, but I and my wife are working fine without ZTE.

I also turned to GSM only and am working fine.  I believe ZTE in my area is just strong enough to fool the phone into using that network even though it isn't strong enough to do what is required.  Switching to GSM only so far has been the only solution, of which I see no technician admitting may be a solution and a reason to check their networks.

Thanks I will switch to GSM only and see what happens.

Did you ever do something you thought was witty only to realize you come across as a complete buffoon?  Well ZTE is not a network, it's a phone, of which I had on my mind due to my sister having one, and I'm going to correct it, though it's too late.  LTE!!!!