Calls going straight to Voice Mail

  • 28 February 2018
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LTE not ZTE.  I feel dumber now.  Oh, and I've seen a number of replies that say they had better results turning off LTE and using GSM only modes.

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Hey @anecky 

Any luck with switching to GSM? If so, there is definitely an issue with the LTE in your area and a service ticket with the engineers is the best course of action to get it resolved.

Hello Chris, thanks for your honest and reasonable response. Well, you didn’t lie but I (actually my wife) did. LOL.

Here’re our troubleshoot process and the results. We did more than what I will mention below but the below steps are critical and can be used to troubleshoot for people who have the similar problem.

Problem: Calls from my wife phone (to me) immediately went to my voicemail.

Given / Requirements: we used three fully functional (working) phones, under a normal situation.

Phone #1, mine, iPhone 6, TM SIM for the cell #1

Phone #2, my wife, brand new Oneplus 6, TM SIM for the cell #2

Phone #3, friend, iPhone X, TM SIM for the cell #3

Using various methods, several people have confirmed that her number (#2) was not in my iPhone blocking list. We also disabled the do-not-disturb feature on my iPhone prior to the tests.

Testing process:

1. Making calls from cell #2 - using DIGITS on laptop and Phone #2 and Phone #3 - to cell #1 on Phone #1: calls immediately routed to the voicemail. At this point, we eliminated the possible issue with Oneplus.

1. Making calls from cell #2 on Phone #2 to the cell #1 on Phone #3 (my SIM on friend’s phone): calls went through successfully.


At this point we very much knew that my phone had been the culprit, root cause of the problem. By trial and error, we deleted my wife contact and soft rebooted the iPhone. Problem solved! I think it was a software glitch on my iPhone.

Thanks for your helps

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Wow! That is some pretty good process of elimination troubleshooting there @magenta5470022​. I am so glad you were able to find a fix and thank you for sharing it! 

Hi Chris,

I switched to GSM only 3 days ago and it works fine.

I hope it stays like that. I've been with T-Mobile for so long and never had a problem until now.

For me (Pixel XL), it definitely was the tmo SCAM Block and the SCAM ID filter. My calls (both on regular line and on one digits line) started to go to voicemail immediately after enabling the blocks, and stopped doing so immediately after taking the blocks off again. It's a shame that what seems to be an exciting feature is not working (yet).

Thank you. It works 

Hi Chris. I want you to know that it still works so definitely there is something wrong with LTE.

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Hey folks! Super glad switching to GSM is helping but we want you all to be able to take advantage of our awesome LTE network. This is definitely a fixable issue but we will need to open up service tickets so our engineers can dig into the LTE in your areas. Please contact us when you have a moment.

Chris fix it and let me know when you want me to switch to LTE.



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We will need to gather some specific information from you that we don't want to do on a public forum for your safety. If you are able to contact us, our tech support folks can gather this info from you and open up a support ticket.

This is a really long string of comments going back to February I believe. That's right around the time my "going straight to voicemail" problems started. I decided to post this at the most recent spot. T mobile mobile f'd something up and either they don't know what it is or they do, and it's not an easy fix. I came up with a two part solution. One: I shut off all settings for wifi and just use their data. I only turn it on when I need it. Two: (this one I plan to back out to see if it is related or not) I shut off 4g LTE. My problem was so bad that I would call one of our other phones that was sitting in the other room of our house and it would go straight to voicemail, now it doesn't. I was planning to drop T-Mobile but decided I could live with these issues because they are cheaper than other services and I don't have to switch phones. T-Mobile is promising one thing and we're paying for it but they are not delivering. Sounds like another slap on the hand coming soon...