can i use prepaid eSIM in Japan?

  • 27 October 2021
  • 1 reply


Hi, i’m living in Japan and i  need the US phone number just for sending and recieve  a message ( No data needed). Will Tmobile prepaid esim work for the case?

1 reply

I think that, if you’re on iPhone, you can do this. T-Mobile has an eSIM app in the iOS app store, but not for android. Androids such as newer Pixels can do T-Mobile eSIM too but you’ll have to do it in a roundabout way by activating a physical SIM and then messaging their customer support on Twitter/Facebook and ask them to add your EID (they’ll email you a QR code to add the eSIM line).


Also, with iPhone and WiFi calling enabled, you can use your local/cheap Japanese carrier plan as the physical SIM with data enabled and T-Mobile will work on that local carrier’s mobile data as if you were on WiFi. Undetermined if you can do that function with android dual SIM.