CAN SOMEONE FROM T-MOBILE GIVE THE SOLUTION PLEASE? spam text messages sent from email addresses (,

  • 6 January 2021
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If this is supposed to be an avenue for T-mobile to assist customers, can someone from T-mobile support/tech please seriously….give us help? CAN SOMEONE WHO IS WITH T-MOBILE WHO SEES THIS MESSAGE, PLEASE ESCALATE THIS UP AND HELP GIVE US T-MOBILE  CUSTOMERS SOME REAL FIX? 

There needs to be some type of deeper dive on “ T-mobile’s tech/support end”  to determine where and how these email addresses are sending texts through T-mobile’s network.

Being asked about “” and any other add-on quesions are not helping or solving this. We, as customers cannot tell where these messages are coming in from, we have no way to block or forward to 7726, they are not regular sms text messages from a phone number.

On this community board, there have already been many others reaching out about this issue:

How to stop/block text messages coming from email addresses, that send an attachment, that is unsafe to click and download.

The email addresses are showing from variations of different @ domains (specific examples here:)

lancer@hiw.refinetravels.comThese email addresses are in variations.

As a t-mobile customer for over 13 years. I’m quite disappointed at the lack of help and quite frankly, runaround I’m getting with T-mobile. I have heard from friends who are with Verizon, that Verizon is addressing this issue...where is T-mobile for us? 

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Have you been able to reach out to Tmobile thru Twitter or Facebook? This is a users forum and, occasionally, Tmobile employees stop by to help.

In addition to the dozen or so already deleted 

FIX THIS! Customer 18 years!! 

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Have you tried blocking them? 

I do block them and report them. If I tap the 3 dots then tap Details I can tap “Block & report spam”. Problem with this is that they come from a different sending address each time. I am now getting about 1 of these a day. How bad does this have to get before T-Mobile does something about it?


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Our Help with scams, spam, and fraud page has some helpful steps to stop messages like that. I know it’s not ideal changing your number, but that is a fix too if the messages are getting really bad.