Can't use Hotspot for online gaming on PC

  • 28 July 2021
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Recently replaced my old Galaxy s7 Edge to a S21. Now, when I travel or our cable internet goes out and I use the hotspot as a backup for my laptop, I can’t connect to gaming servers. I can access the launchers, my account, the web and game lobbies, but as soon as I try to get into a game, I get a no server response error. I have no problem on wired or wifi connections but the hotspot is stubbornly refusing access to gaming. It worked fine on my old 4G phone but just won’t work on this new 5G phone. Any ideas if there are settings I need to change on my phone to get this to work?



5 replies

This is killing me, the worst of it is, I used to be able to but then out of nowhere i can no longer join gaming servers. I’ve factory reset my phone, spent hours messaging and talking on the phone to t-mobile reps.  I can not get it fixed.  The guy I work with has T-mobile and the same everything that I have but I have to use his hotspot, not mine. It makes no sense.

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Mine only works on 4G. Reddit had a reply that peer to peer features are disabled on T Mobile's 5G network. And online gaming depends on those.

I don't think you realize how much that comment just helped me.  HOURS on the phone with no help and I can now log in when I downgrade to 4G.  You deserve a medal.....

Yes it only works on 4G as ejohnson53 says. bless to him

I’m having this same exact issue except mine won’t work on 5g or 4g. Haven’t been able to get anywhere with support