Can't use phone at home

  • 3 June 2021
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When is the modernization of the Rice, Tx tower going to be finished (started?). I had sprint before and got great signal at and inside my house. I switched to T-mobile because it works better at my workplace, but now at home I have to go outside and find a good spot in the yard to make a call or send a text. T-mobile now owns the sprint towers right? Whenever I asked about this they said yes, service will be better soon and they are ‘modernizing’ in my area. That was a year ago. So a ballpark timeline would be helpful, im tired of waiting and probably not going to renew my service. Last time I complained I got them to add $40 to my account but I doubt theyll do it again and I dont see a reason to spend my own money on this

1 reply

My signal/coverage is abysmal since they merged with Sprint.

Good luck getting anywhere. I’ve worked with them over and over.

I get good reception with AT&T on a trial sim card, and Verizon is better in some places. (using GF’s phone).

I’ve got many hours in testing and troubleshooting.

With a business account and 7 active lines, it’s a problem, and I will be switching.