cancun coverage

  • 24 June 2016
  • 3 replies

I am traveling to Cancun in September with my Nexus 6 and want to know if I will get voice and data coverage with T-mobile? I ask since I went to Cozumel last year with a Oneplus One and ZTE Zmax and only had voice service on both. I know T-Mobile supports data and voice but I am not sure if the Nexus 6 has the bands required to connect to the Mexican data network.


Thanks for any help.

3 replies

The Nexus 6 should have all the bands required for Mexico. The OPO and Zmax should have been able to use data, too. The problem was probably either that data roaming was turned off or that there was an issue with your APN setting. I don't know if the Nexus 6 supports WiFi calling but I urge everyone traveling abroad to have a backup plan to make calls if roaming does not work. Some VoIP system like WiFi calling or Viber-Out will do in most cases. Also, be sure to take T-Mobile's direct international support number with you (+1-505-998-3793). It's a free call from your T-Mobile phone.

Thanks. I will try and find some APN settings and the nexus does have wifi calling.

The two APN settings to remember are and . When in doubt, turn off IPv6 and call 611 before you go to have your account settings verified.