Cannot access CCTV surveillance system on T-Mobile 4G

  • 6 August 2020
  • 2 replies


Up until a week ago, I was able to connect my Samsung CCTV surveillance system to my Samsung phone remotely with Wiseview on the T-Mobile Network (4G).  I can still connect with Wifi, but not with the T-Mobile 4G network.  I have the most recent version of Wisenet, and I have changed nothing on my phone (s).  So, I assume that the problem is with T-Mobile.  Does anyone know how to resolve this issue?

2 replies

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how long ago did you do any updates to Wisenet? i would start by going into the play store and that app and checking out their almost willing to bet its on the apps side of things and not the devices side..unless you have other apps running into issues as well while on 4G?


Update.  I shutdown my DVR and unplugged the power for 30 seconds.  I restarted the DVR.  After logging in I was able to access my cameras on the T-Mobile network.  This shutdown fixed the problem.