Cannot access the internet after configuring port forwarding

  • 3 November 2015
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For the last few months when I reboot the TM-AC1900, it will not allow clients to access the internet, even though it says it is connected on it's admin page.


To reproduce:

- Factory reset

- Go to router 'Port Mapping' page and add a port mapping.

- Reboot.


Clients can connect to the router but can not see the internet.



A temporary work around is after rebooting, go to the Port Mapping page and simply press 'Apply'. The router will then allow clients to connect to the internet.

This workaround is no good for the long term - as any power outage or something else that causes a reboot will cause it to go back into the bad state. My family will not be able to use the connection until I come to fiddle with the router admin pages.



Other users are seeing this too:

Please read Re: Cellspot Router connected clients can not access internet and TM-AC1900 stops talking to modem. Reboot needed.

These have been marked as "assumed answered", although nothing was actually done, and the problem is clearly still there. So I am starting this thread to hopefully get satisfactory resolution.



In the former thread user @casadelgato states he has the problem also, he called T-Mobile support who put him through to ASUS support. He was told it is a known problem in the firmware and an update from T-Mobile is needed to resolve it.

This bug was not present in the firmware that originally shipped with the router, it is a regression. Can we get an update please?



Thank you!

1 reply

Thank you for posting this Keilly!

A bug fix is desperately needed for this issue. I can confirm I'm having the exact same problem with the firmware listed above. I thought my router had died when my WAN access was killed the other day. I cycled my router on and off several times along with my cable modem. I called Brighthouse to confirm it wasn't an issue with my ISP. I reset the router back to factory defaults to no avail. I never would have guessed that NAT port forwarding for my Xbox Live gaming was the root cause of the issue.

I had to enable Parental Controls and then disable them again to get the router fully functioning, even after the reset to factory defaults. I wouldn't have known how to get the router working again had I not found another T-Mobile support thread. I was very close to calling T-Mobile and requesting a new router. Good thing I didn't or I would've had the exact same issue with the new router. To prevent the issue from cropping up again (until we get a patch to fix the problem, fingers crossed), I had to resort to putting my Xbox One in DMZ and am no longer using the port forward feature.

Please patch the firmware! 😊