Cannot connect to the internet T Mobile Vibe E200

Hello all - I have had a T Mobile Vibe E200 for some years and have never had internet problems, but have recently picked up a 2nd model (original screen is failing) and on trying to connect to internet I get the error message:

Failed to connect to the Internet. TCP open

I might have thought this was a fault owing to the phone being a secondhand model.. but have asked a relative with the exact model bought from new who has the same error (they have never used the phone for the internet so never checked before).

Searching for this error seems to bring results unrelated to internet on mobile, or 1 or 2 people with the issue but who never received a solution. All the network settings &c on the new & old phone are identical afaik.

Any advice would be much appreciated. 😊

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Hmm, are you trying to connect to the internet on the device itself, or are you trying to use it as a Hotspot and connect a laptop or other web decide?


Just simply to connect & use internet on my phone, through a payg sim. Thanks for your reply. 😊

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I somehow didn't see your response until now, I'm so sorry 😥

Have you been able to get this resolved? Do you know that your pay as you go plan includes web?


Thanks. No, I have not been able to get any further - although I have been able to effect a repair to my original phone so that is a sort of solution for now.

I would still like to understand the error message however.  Yes I have tried the phone using the same sim in both cases - that sim has an internet booster currently active on it, and connects to the internet fine on the one phone but not the other.

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If the device is connected to WiFi, does it seem to work online, or is it only a problem when connected with SIM?

I haven't connected to wifi, but nor have I on the working same model - just on sim. I did try a factory reset early on without it making a difference. As it's an existing sim, I didn't get a 'hi, to get you started you'll need the right settings to send picture messages and surf the internet' text from T-Mobile 34967 when I put it in the phone, & can't remember now whether I went through the right procedure when this particular sim was new, sorry - too long ago. Could settings have anything to do with it?

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It's possible the settings could be off. If you take a look at our Generic T-Mobile data settings‌ and use it as a guide, does it allow you to change any of the settings?

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Hey @qwerky99‌!  I just wanted to touch base here and see if you'd been able to modify the settings on your phone to match those that MC linked to.  Are you still having trouble connecting to the internet on your replacement phone?

- Marissa

Thank you both and sorry I have not been around,

I had previously visited the page linked to by tmo_mike_c but as it refers throughout to settings for non-T-Mobile phones I just assumed it would not be applicable in this case? And the Vibe E200 is not covered further back in the help subsection on the T-Mobile Support / Devices page (too old I imagine).

Anything further on this? It seems odd that no-one has had or even heard of this particular error message/bug or whatever. Have come up with nothing useful on my own. 😥