Cant view home cameras with T-Mobile iPhone but can with AT&T service.

  • 29 December 2016
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I no longer can view my home cameras from my iphone when on cellular. It works fine on wifi but will not work on T-Mobile cellular service.  To make this worse is I have a iPad with AT&T and that works fine with both wifi and on their cellular service. Cameras worked fine on iPhone until about 2 weeks ago. I also have two different apps with two different cameras and the same result on both. Works fine with AT&T cellular but won't work with T-Mobile cellular service. I spent about 2 hours with T-Mobile support chat and on the phone yesterday and at the end was told by the person that "oh yes its normal for people to be able to view on iPad but not phone and it only works on iPad because it's a iPad and not because it's AT&T". Clearly that is wrong. This USED TO WORK ON MY IPHONE with T-Mobile until weeks ago and now doesn't. I have been a T-Mobile customer for lots of years now and spend almost $250 a month on their services and if I can't get this resolved I will be moving to AT&T. What's the point of having home security cameras if you can't view them unless you are on wifi somewhere.  Please somebody help.

58 replies

The iPhones now use ipv6 instead of ipv4. Most likely your home router does not like incoming ipv6 connections. I was talking with another user that had this problem and they were able to make some changes to their router and got it working again. I would check there.

thanks for the reply. I will try when I get home. How do I go about doing that? I have a zoom modem/router combo. I can get into it and change settings just don't know which to change.

It is different for each router and manufacturer unfortunately on how to do it. You are looking for the options for support of ipv6. The other poster didn't provide specifics of what they changed.

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I have a Swann setup, and it works fine for me on Moto X pure with Netgear.  I set up NAT/Port mapping.

There is something with iPhone and ipv6 that seems to not play nice. Not sure what it is though.

I have the EXACT same issue as original poster. TMOBILE, iphone6, linksys wvc210 IP cameras at home, linksys EA4500 router at home. Around Christmas 2016, using my LIVECAMS PRO 4.5.5.

SUMMARY: from non-wifi, could no longer access my cameras using that app. been in contact with app developer who confirmed TMOBILE switched to IPV6 from IPV4.

He told me this

T-Mobile users and IPV6 networks:

T-Mobile no longer supports IPV4, which will break your DDNS or IPV4 network connections unless you add an

AAAA" record on your dns host configuration. For users of this video explains how to configure IPV6


I'm not super tech saavy, but Im currently exploring my router and IPV6. Will update if I get it working and would appreciate the same.



I wonder if this is would have anything to do with why my VPN stopped working?

Most likely

I have that same issue. Ive talked to my ISP, modem,router, camera manufacturers and even the app developer and none of them can determine the issue. I was willing to pay netgear's tech support to remotely configure my router's setting etc..none work...

iphone6 (tMobile), NETGEAR N600 WNDR3400v3, Akaso IP1M-902 and Yoosee app

i will appreciate any very desperate and need this camera to work:( ty

I have same issue. I had AT&T on my iPhone 6s and I could view my cameras live on their network fine, I switched to T-Mobile yesterday and now I can't view the live feeds on LTE only works on WIFi. Please help if anyone has Any clue what I need to do to fix this besides going back to At&t.

Did you see the first reply in this thread from @theartiszan​ you will need to configure your home router to accept an IPv6 connection.  You might try Google'ing "how to I configure my XXXXXXX brand router to accept IPv6 connections"  you will probably get some hits.

Just know switching back to AT&T is only delaying the inevitable. IPv6 is and has been the new standard for IP addressing and IPv4 is being phased out, T-Mobile is just ahead of the game in upgrading their servers and network. 

I got Dlink cameras   

and it used to work fine but now, on T-Mobile on my iPhone 7+ or wife's iPhone 6 can not see thru the myDlink app when in cellular

my kid'S iPhone 6 is in StraightTalk on AT&T network GSM and the app works just fine over cellular

I just called Dlink and they said it was because of a proxy issue from T-Mobile tithe my that is NOT the top of the line secure connection that it won't work. It works fine with AT&T because they are not as secure. Ok that's good in one aspect but sukcs in another.

if I am in wifi no problems but I need it to work on T-Mobile cellular too, like it used to

Anyway the guy said to me (like 10m ago today 5/22/2017) that if T-Mobile doesn't help out then there is nothing they can do, and this only affects iPhone users. Guy said if I had a Android it would work in T-Mobile

well I like security    and android is by no means secure, because it is open source based off of Linux

and google makes its money off selling ads and data mining

they can't do that to iPhone users

so come on T-Mobile, make it work, because Dlink isn't the sharpest crayon in the box    dealing with data and cellular

i had my friend download the app I use on his android using T-mobile LTE and he was able to view cameras live fine. I complained to the delelopers of my app but it sounds like it's a T-Mobile/iPhone issue. I wish they could fix something so I can use my app. I didn't spend all this money on cameras Not to view them. someone suggested changing something with router but I have no idea how to change that.

This has nothing to do with the router so you don't have any reason to change anything in the router

This has to do with T-Mobile cellular connecting to the proxy service or do you link uses in order to view the cameras over sailor and it's a problem between T-Mobile and dlink security setting one is too low or too high

dlink  is too low in the proxy settings that's why at&t works

I am experiencing the same issue.  I agreed this is nothing to do with the router or iPhone OS. The same iPhone works fine on Wifi network.  Also, the Video monitoring app has no issue if you try to access using the AT&T network. 

The explanation above makes some sense that it has to do with IPV4 or IPV6 but unfortunately, this forum doesn't provide step by step solution.  I have opened a ticket with T-Mobile support and escalated this to their 2nd level Technical Support.  I have also mentioned this post as a reference.

If I find any resolution of this problem, I will post the solution here.

For me things have been fixed

It was NOT A problem in T-Mobile part, but the level of security that T-Mobile uses when authentication to the Dlink servers via proxy.

Dlink did not , or had not, updated their end to  newer more robust SSL , so when using my T-Mobile iPhone 7+ over LTE it would fail out.

My AT&T LTE connection was using a less secure standard (as well as a Verizon and Sprint)

If you ever watched the show 60 Minutes and the SS7 (global switching) layer then you would get a idea    of as to why this didn’t work.

I am still waiting on iOS 11 (already have it) to finish to where FaceTime audio is the default versus cell tower voice.

It works for me now and I am content with it.

I am always a adopter of the latest iOS install and this corrected my problem.

I also have been having the exact same issue Using the V380 camera app On ios11. I think the problem started when I updated my iPhone from iOS 10 to iOS 11 about 5 months ago.

I can see the cameras when over wifi from anyw in the world. Once I am on the T-Mobile network the cameras don’t show up. I am also able to connect with iOS 10 on an older iPhone. I spent many hours talking to Apple, and the V380 developer with no success.

I discovered the issue just yesterday when I was in Canada connected to Bell or Rogers, and was able to see my cameras!! I thought something got fixed after almost 5 months of fiddling with the problem. When I went home and connected to T-Mobile, the problem still existed, and I immediately realized it is something to do with T-Mobile and iOS 11.

I called T-Mobile yesterday and they are researching it. I will forward to them this link to show that many people are having the same issue.

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This one is on Apple. They force users to connect using IPv6 and some applications have not been updated to support this connection basically. So ether the app dev needs to make a work around or Apple(which will never happen) needs to let users force a IPv4 connection.

It is interesting to see T-Mobile pointing finger at Apple and not blaming T-Mobile for blindly following Apple move to ipv6.

Apple made a move to ipv6, fine let it be. Why the hell did T-Mobile switch to ipv6 also.

When Apple switched to ipv6, they didn’t break anything. My cameras with the same iPhone and iOS (ipv6) works on other networks like Bell and Rogers in Canada?! So how could it be Apple?!!

It is when T-Mobile switched to ipv6 when things started to break. 

To your point, if T-Mobile stayed with ipv4 like everyone else and let Apple go with ipv6 without doing anything just like other network providers, this problem wouldn’t have happened.

It is T-Mobile switch to ipv6 that caused the issue.

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Magenta so you understand this is forum is made up of fellow customers and users who do our best to help/inform people like yourself on why things are happening. I understand your frustration and if you want anything to change on the backend you will have to work with T-mobile through ether the T-force team, dialing 611 or hoping one of the mods comes by who will not have account level access but will be able to forward the thread over to someone that can help you.

To be clear though T-mobile supports IPv4 and IPv6 tech. In fact the majority of ISPs both wired and wireless do. This protocol is something that has to happen for a few reasons but the main one being that we have to many devices that need connected. Without getting to crazy into tech talk think of your IP as your personal identity for the internet. IPv4 protocol would be like if everyone only had a first name which makes the amount of names possible alot more limited then if everyone had the ability to choose a last name as well. This is one difference between the two.

Anyhow it was Apple who decided to remove the option of legacy support for the T-mobile firmware update they rolled out thus responsibility does not lie with T-mobile as they have no control over what Apple decides to do.

Hi All,

I would like to share my experience on this issue.

I recently noticed an almost identical problem.

I have been installing CCTV cameras for several years and currently have about 25 systems online, using cell phone APPS, that use P2P.

Until recently I starting using an IPhone 7 plus on the T-Mobile Network to view my installations. Prior to that I was using a Note 5, on the Verizon network.

I was always able to access my customer's systems using the Note 5, now on the IPhone 7 I can only see about 15 out of the 25. The others  show online, but cannot access the cameras.

Please check out this scenario,

With my current IPhone 7, I can view an Annke DVR for a certain customer using the T-Mobile service (ISP is Spectrum).

With this same IPhone 7 I cannot view a recently installed Annke DVR (same model  as the above one, the ISP is Frontier), but I can view them using Wifi.

I tried two different IPhone and got the exact same result, not connection. I tried 2 Samsung Galaxy phones and they worked fine using the Verizon Network.

I also tired and HTC one M9 phone using the T-Mobile network and it work fine.

to me it looks like it's a combination of the T-Mobile, the iPhone and possibly the ISPS's modem?

any updates on the exact source/s of the problem and a solution?


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Its a apple issue that is well known. If you use any Android device or any older iPhone running its original software you won't run into the problem. T-mobile can not do anything to fix since Apple ultimately controls all aspects of the software.

Thank you for the reply, so it's definitely a problem that's a combination of IPhone and T-Mobile, mainly IPhone, right?

I have not been able to test it with an IPhone with a carrier other than T-Mobile network .

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Correct the problem mainly lies on Apple with this one. Other carriers may still work with the Iphone for these legacy services but as they upgrade their network as well and phase out IPv4 support unless on legacy devices this problem will merge its head.

Understood, now I just need to try make my affected customers understand this.

Thank you,