Cant view home cameras with T-Mobile iPhone but can with AT&T service.

  • 29 December 2016
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Most likely

I wonder if this is would have anything to do with why my VPN stopped working?

I have the EXACT same issue as original poster. TMOBILE, iphone6, linksys wvc210 IP cameras at home, linksys EA4500 router at home. Around Christmas 2016, using my LIVECAMS PRO 4.5.5.

SUMMARY: from non-wifi, could no longer access my cameras using that app. been in contact with app developer who confirmed TMOBILE switched to IPV6 from IPV4.

He told me this

T-Mobile users and IPV6 networks:

T-Mobile no longer supports IPV4, which will break your DDNS or IPV4 network connections unless you add an

AAAA" record on your dns host configuration. For users of this video explains how to configure IPV6


I'm not super tech saavy, but Im currently exploring my router and IPV6. Will update if I get it working and would appreciate the same.



There is something with iPhone and ipv6 that seems to not play nice. Not sure what it is though.

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I have a Swann setup, and it works fine for me on Moto X pure with Netgear.  I set up NAT/Port mapping.

It is different for each router and manufacturer unfortunately on how to do it. You are looking for the options for support of ipv6. The other poster didn't provide specifics of what they changed.

thanks for the reply. I will try when I get home. How do I go about doing that? I have a zoom modem/router combo. I can get into it and change settings just don't know which to change.

The iPhones now use ipv6 instead of ipv4. Most likely your home router does not like incoming ipv6 connections. I was talking with another user that had this problem and they were able to make some changes to their router and got it working again. I would check there.