Cant view home cameras with T-Mobile iPhone but can with AT&T service.

  • 29 December 2016
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I no longer can view my home cameras from my iphone when on cellular. It works fine on wifi but will not work on T-Mobile cellular service.  To make this worse is I have a iPad with AT&T and that works fine with both wifi and on their cellular service. Cameras worked fine on iPhone until about 2 weeks ago. I also have two different apps with two different cameras and the same result on both. Works fine with AT&T cellular but won't work with T-Mobile cellular service. I spent about 2 hours with T-Mobile support chat and on the phone yesterday and at the end was told by the person that "oh yes its normal for people to be able to view on iPad but not phone and it only works on iPad because it's a iPad and not because it's AT&T". Clearly that is wrong. This USED TO WORK ON MY IPHONE with T-Mobile until weeks ago and now doesn't. I have been a T-Mobile customer for lots of years now and spend almost $250 a month on their services and if I can't get this resolved I will be moving to AT&T. What's the point of having home security cameras if you can't view them unless you are on wifi somewhere.  Please somebody help.

58 replies

I had the same issue after upgrading from Note 8 to Note10+ 5G.  At first figured it had something to do with the 5G,  so I disabled 5G and still didn't work.  After tons of searching, stumbled on this thread.  Setting APN protocol to IPv4 fixed the issue, or you could even set it to IPv4/IPv6 and it'll work.

Thanks for that.

Unfortunately for iPhone users,  you can't change APN settings afaik.

Here is the solution - Note 10 Plus -5G

You need to make your APN default to IPv4 for your cameras to work

Step by step below. (your steps may be different to get to the same menu, but settings will be the same)

APN & data settings

  1. From any Home screen, tap the Menu key.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap the Connections tab.
  4. Tap More networks.
  5. Tap Mobile networks.
  6. Tap Access Point Names.
  7. If available, tap the T-Mobile US APN (the bullet point fills with green). If not available, tap the Menu key, and then tap New APN.
    Note: To reset your APN settings, tap the Menu key and then tap Reset to default.
  8. Verify and update the following settings for the Data APN:
    • Name: T-Mobile US LTE -IPv4 Only
    • APN:
    • Proxy: <Not set>
    • Port: <Not set>
    • Username: <Not set>
    • Password: <Not set>
    • Server: <Not set>
    • MMSC:
    • MMS proxy: <Not set>
    • MMS port: <Not set>
    • MMS protocol: WAP 2.0
    • MCC: 310
    • MNC: 260
    • Authentication type:<Not set>
    • APN type: <Not set> OR Internet+MMS
    • APN protocol: IPv4
    • APN roaming protocol: IPv4
  9. Tap the Menu key.
  10. Tap Save.
  11. Tap the desired APN profile you want to use then try the internet, then your cameras.
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The solution is to use a VPN.

Did you get a solution to your issue? I ask because I have the same issue and was just on the phone with tech support and they couldn’t give me an answer. I was able to view my cameras on Verizon fine but not with T-mobile. I would really like to know so I can fix it on my end. Thanks

I know this could be a few months old But I've been having the same challenge with my ip cameras,this happens  after  my phone  Major update   I call the cameras manufacturer they did everything  to try to  figure out  then I Call T-Mobile they refer me to my mobile device manufactory after searching in reading and talking to friends I went back to T-Mobile Tech Support there were able to reset my phone to ivp4/ivp6  So far my cameras of working beautiful  Thank you I just want to share that with you guys

Hey, if it helps you can get the pc version of xmeye from It is the new CMS tool. Hope that helps.

cant vie in live view on 4g with att or tmobile..

ipv6 made no difference at all. ven if i forced ipv6.

however this worked for both.

if i turn the phone into a hotspot while they are on 4g, and connect to the other phones hotspot with either a att or tmobile phone, live view works. weird.

so this doesnt mater if its 4g or not.

something with the way the app handles the connection.

i need to port scan everything and see.

One other tidbit: this is only a problem with iOS 11; my iPad with ios10 does not require VPN to work. Me thinks it is IOS related.

It's incredible to see this... two days ago, my live view cameras stopped working unless I am on wifi w/ the network the cameras are on... Worked fine for the last two months... below is a link to the thread I just created. Didn't know this was still a live topic... I agree with you, I should NOT be required to use a VPN for my cameras to work.

Unable to view security cameras via cellular...

Stopped working today. This should not require a vpn to use an internet camera. This means that Tmobile is gating or stopping the feeds. 


You are a genius.  I just turned on my VPN and have been able to see my NVR/cameras again on LTE.  I have been struggling with this for the past month and this is such a simple solution.

Stand up tall and SCREAM this out to everyone.

Hi I just came across this post because having the same problem.!good news is that I was able to see my cameras on T-Mobile service just started a month ago. I have an iPhone 6plus .being said that what ip are you using . You need to change one thing in your Ip. Just let me hear your side of the story may be we have a fix 

Has anyone figured this out yet? 

I was trying to configure the TapCMS app to look at my Wirepath home security cameras today.  The app works fine on my iPhone  X ( running iOS 11.4) over WiFi but will not work when I disconnect WIFI and try to access them over my T-Mobile data connection.  My installer (with iPhone 8 running iOS 11.3) was able to access the cameras fine.  My daughter with iPhone 7 (running iOS11.3) also could not see the cameras.  The only difference was that my installer has AT&T and my daughter and I both have T-Mobile.  I then started googling the problem and came across this thread.  It is convenient to point fingers at Apple and I am sure that the truth is somewhere in the middle but the app works on an iPhone on AT&T and doesn't work on an iPhone on hard to say that Apple should be the one to fix this and not T-Mobile.  I have tested the VPN solution and it works...but it is not ideal to have to pay a subscription for a VPN service and then launch a VPN app every time I want to check the status of my house when I am not connected via WIFI.

T-Mobile:  Any thoughts on how to fix this?


Well the LTE connection is working again as of this morning.

Thanks!  Using VPN I'm able to see the cameras again.

I have just started having this issue around the 4/18 date as well.   Using an iphone 7 and am unable to access any device behind my router over LTE.  I have tethered my LTE service to my Mac and tried to scan the port I have forwarded on my router with no success.  If I connect my Mac to wifi it has no issues.  I also tethered a Galaxy 8 (Tmobile) service to my Mac and was able to scan the port.  This seems to be an issue with Tmobile and my Iphone.  If I enable a mobile VPN app (Nord VPN) on my Iphone, the cameras work again. 

I have a samsung 8+ and within the last couple days started having this same problem so it's no longer just an apple problem.   One reply said an android device can force an ipv4 connection. Where do i do this?

It is Tmobile - Apple issue. It works fine on Samsung device and using external WiFi. I called Tmobile last night, spent one hour for nothing. He didnt know anything about it.

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Since you're not the only one with the issue on T-Mobile, I doubt that its on your end.... but something that T-Mobile may have done - as its only affecting those using T-Mobile service to connect to the app.

sapphire4687276 wrote:

its not that the app or my router or that is an issue

its my data connection (LTE) that does not connect to external ip

im using LaView Dvr with app and port forwarding. I can access with other devices and on WiFi only but not T-Mobile data on iPhone 6s

Just for clarification if it helps to resolve anything; everything worked fine for last 2 years up until yesterday morning (approx11am). Nothing has changed at home. router, ports, ISP, dvr, cameras and app has all been the same.

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So - you can access it properly from an 'external' wifi - correct, just not T-Mobile LTE.

its not that the app or my router or that is an issue

its my data connection (LTE) that does not connect to external ip

im using LaView Dvr with app and port forwarding. I can access with other devices and on WiFi only but not T-Mobile data on iPhone 6s

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What kind of remote monitoring service are you using?

I still have no issues with Swann.

Mine also stopped working today 4/17/18 about same time I have iphone 6s but i have another phone iphone7s that works fine on network. the 6 works when on wifi to view external ip but not on tmobile LTE network. if anyone can figure out a solution i would greatly apreciate it.