Carrier Hub MCM client requests are processing messages

  • 20 November 2020
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My S20 just updated, and I noticed that carrier hub was pretty constantly running.  I looked through some answers and was able to go to google play store and uninstall it from there.


Carrier Hub appeared I believe after the last update [maybe before] but the icon never went away and always stayed up in the top left corner next to the time.

I got tired of seeing it so I was able to do a pull down of the notification,  I clicked on Carrier Hub, and was able to 🔕 silence that notification.  Permission was turned off.

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I have an S10, and my S10 keeps on saying Carrier Hub notifications on my apps.  My phone is being super slow to charge, and my charge only lasts a few hours.  This phone is really starting to upset me.  What's going on? 

I hope that I can help. I am using an unlocked Samsung Note 9 that I brought to T•Mobile from the sprint merger. I do have a T•Mobile sim card. The MCM client is usually the carriers way of updating their apps on your device or any specialized software that came pre-installed. I noticed my MCM client running for 10 minutes yesterday and knew I needed to put a stop to it. When I pulled down my notification screen I noticed that the secure folder logo was on the right hand side of the notification. Even if my secure folder was off it was still running in the background. In my notification tab I have a secure folder icon. If you have this icon open the secure folder and pull up your list of apps you should see carrier hub and a chess piece as its logo. Click on the chess piece it will open the information of the app. I do not allow any permissions from this app to go through my phone that is why it's just fact it would not stop running. All I did was clear cache clear data and pushed force stop. MCM client was no longer there and has not come back. I am unsure of what this will do to your phone but it did nothing to my phone even though it said please beware. It only says that because it's a systems app but does not normally have anything to do with how your phone works or handles itself. Although once again I am not responsible for anything that might happen to your phone. Good luck. Let me know if it works

I use a Galaxy A11 and twice today a message  from Carrier Hub “MCM client requests are processing:….possible issue with T Mobile network upgrade going on or some other network issue?  Phone is a bit off with texts being delayed but no major issues yet

Please advise

I just started having trouble on my less-than-2-months old S21 Ultra. I have never been a Sprint customer so why the heck do I now have this app on my phone? I got a notification for it, hard closed the app (I think?), and now I can't find it anywhere. Wtf?

I am able to send text messages but not receive them. I can make and receive calls fine. I also see carrier hub messages popping up and even tho I have tmobile I have a sprint hub on my phone. It won't let me download the tmobile magenta hub. Anyone know how to fix my text messages not coming in?

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From what I’ve been able to gather this could be coming from the Carrier Hub app. I suggest uninstalling it if you have the option. This could happen to Tmo customers also if you’ve gotten your phone from Sprint prior to the merger.


I just purchased a new Motorola One 5G ACE from a TMO store and this app is installed and running all the time. This phone came out only a month ago on TMO and came with a TMO Sim card. So I am not sure if its only needed for Sprint customers. Maybe when a phone roams on sprint towers?