Carson City Service

  • 28 July 2020
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I work in Carson City Nevada and always have terrible coverage. It shows that I have 4 or 5 bars of LTE but I only pull 1MBPS down and up on a good day. Why is it so bad? This needs to be fixed.

3 replies

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This will depend on a few factors (I posted a message about something similar).

  1. 4/5 bars is signal strength primarily
  2. Site may be congested - if you have ‘field test’ services you can see the SINR value - lower = worse)  Eg.  In Fillmore, with 5/5 ‘bars’, and a lot of spectrum - I had SINR of 0.5, and speed around 1Mbps.  Fillmore had plenty of spectrum… but only 1 site for the entire city.
  3. Site may have poor backhaul capability - you can have 5/5 bars, SINR of 30 (best) and still speeds of 0.5 Mbps - San Simeon, CA
  4. Lack of deployed spectrum - If you end up on a site with B12 only (5x5MHz),   Falls in with item #2.   Typically rare in urban areas.  This also plays in with some older phones that do not support carrier aggregation (combining wireless carrier channels).
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Carson City’s towers seem to have every band that T-Mobile owns, except 41. I doubt they’d load that much bandwidth on a tower with poor backhaul. @Iceman150 , what phone are you using? It may be hooking onto band 12 or 71 which have limited capacity.


@drnewcomb I have the Galaxy Note 10+ and my wife has an iPhone 11. We both have terrible service in Carson City consistently. This has been an on going thing for over a year.