cel tower channel lock

  • 20 January 2021
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How or can I lock gateway to a certain channel. Mine switches between channel 71 with 2 bars and channel 2 with 1 bar

3 replies

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Some Samsung phones have the ability to be locked to a specific band. If it’s a Samsung, Google “Samsung band selection”. If it’s another brand, I don’t know of a way to do what you want.

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One Plus can do this as well with the ‘band’ short cut (OP 8 5G at least), and similar with older 4G LTE devices like LG G6 / LG G7, but not LG Velvet.

One issue that you may want to be aware of…

B2 and B4 typically have 4x4 MIMO, while B12/B71 are 2x2.

Also, in many areas, much more spectrum is deployed on B2/B4 than B12/B71.

Eg.  1 ‘bar’ of LTE (out of 5) in places like Cambria, CA gave me ~20Mbps of service.

B12 with ‘full bars’ will max out around 35Mbps (only 5MHz of spectrum).  ‘Full bars’ on B4 (20MHz) I’ve hit near 200Mbps.  Not all spectrum is equal.. some is more equal than others.


Thank you all who replied,  I'm sorry but I was asking about selecting a channel using tmobile home internet gateway. When I get 1 bar it is useing channel 2, when I get 2 bars its using channel 71. Just wondering can i lock and only receive on channel 71.